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recruitment website has gone through more than ten years of history, there are thousands of large domestic recruitment website, where the top three sites accounted for about 60% of the market share. After the financial crisis, the network recruitment industry has also undergone a major baptism. The industry relies on the initial venture capital, advertising war turned to focus on services, user experience. The online recruitment industry return service nature have another way to seek a new way. The author of the recent observation, I feel that some of the recruitment sites in innovation is a bright spot. In the short term without which website can shake the big three, but some work well and the deep foundation of the recruitment website with innovation and service, also has the potential to shine.

labor shortage spawned Amoy job trend

year after the Spring Festival is the peak of employment, seasonal labor shortage is also the annual "regular dish". In 2011, however, the lack of work seems to be more fierce than in previous years. Recently, the "labor shortage", "recruitment difficult" and other words often appear in newspapers network. Not only the manufacturing enterprises such as the Pearl River Delta region in serious shortage of labor, and even a large number of labor exporting provinces began to cry". And around the beginning of staged grab wars "and" offbeat recruitment". Before the job seekers eyes superior enterprise HR grew up affinity.

well, at the beginning of the year of the rabbit, job seekers have been keenly aware that their position is quietly changing. Before xiaojiannaodai into job queue only to cast a resume, enterprises are now anxious to get big horn to call their own company how to attract job seekers. In this way, a new turning point in the industry, there has been a recruitment site for the current status of the rapid response.

recently, I see the Zhitong talent network launched the "concept of Amoy". The site is being launched in the spring talent Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Spring Fair) activities, the activities of the page design is very interesting. In addition to the traditional way of looking for work on the Internet, so that the feeling of job seekers from seeking to change the job to wash the post. The author thinks that, compared to the "job", "Amoy duty" more emphasis on personnel autonomy, choice and personalization, "job" is the basic age of enterprises, and the "Amoy post" era initiative to job seekers will tilt, job seekers are no longer go "for" a position, but in many the position of "Tao" a desirable position, in this process, the individual value of talent will have greater respect for work, also from settling into the quest for a better life. After the experience of the author, that the site will be done to enhance the user experience in three areas.

three aspects to enhance the user Amoy job experience

is the first to provide a platform for aggregation of information. The recruitment information aggregation to a page will be released in various channels, as long as the job seekers login spring fair ", can be very convenient to check websites, newspapers, recruitment, headhunting and other channels of information, greatly enriched as the amount of information, on the other hand, but also eliminates the need for personnel information retrieval of various channels, improve convenience. >

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