Gon Freecss four Baidu know to promote the conversion of the site method

in the previous article:   Gon Freecss: the use of Baidu know promotion site Gon Freecss mentioned the use of the method of converting the URL to do the Baidu know promotion link. This time I summed up the use of Baidu know how to promote the conversion of the site.


below introduce several kinds of conversion site ideas:

uses Baidu’s own products to convert

use Baidu space conversion first published in Baidu space, the article in the obvious location plus your jump link. It is best not to be too detailed, but to be able to attract people into your space interest, so that they click on the link to your target site.

such as the latest movie "quack" laugh to lead flow, can be published an article in Baidu space, some simply write the movie "quack" laugh the best place to write pictures. Then at the end of the text with a large eye-catching color of the text: "laughing Lake" HD download address: http://s.******** "laughing Lake" online watch address: http://s.**********". Then let others know yourself or ask "where there is a" quack "laugh HD download or watch online or in Baidu?" you to answer, with a link to the Baidu space of the article, and over time can be adopted.

traffic will be the first to jump from Baidu to Baidu space, and finally into your target site.

use Baidu search for conversion of Baidu search (http://s.cang.baidu.com/) you may not have noticed how, but it is really a good method. Is the link of Baidu search in their own problems with.

or use the movie "laughing Lake" as an example. First, Baidu search to your web page, and then go to Baidu know yourself or let others ask questions, where there are "rivers and lakes" laugh HD download or watch online for you to answer? ", bring your own Baidu search link (link format: http:/ /cang.baidu.com/ Singer, a dragon) time can be adopted.

uses Baidu better, because Baidu know the agreement which said "many personal address space as a reference or answer by advertising processing", but did not mention the use of Baidu search is not allowed.

uses other Baidu products to convert

recommends the use of Baidu space and Baidu search, like Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, Baidu experience, these are the need to review, so do not link to jump.

makes use of other web blogs to convert

in fact, the idea of the above and the use of Baidu space conversion is almost the same, but it should be better to use Baidu space through, how Baidu space

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