Mao Hongliang see the optimization of enterprise network marketing website

I am a corporate network promotion, and today we talk about the company’s network to promote the status quo. As we all know, network promotion is a classification of network marketing, so because of its particularity, the network promotion is not necessarily to ensure the marketing effect of the enterprise, this factor will certainly exist. But it does not necessarily have no effect, network promotion is also a drawback. The lack of life in the enterprise reflects the lack of brand trust, technology and safety, price, advertising effect is not good. Network promotion is more passive, can not be divided into the ranks of the salesman. In a word, network promotion is only responsible for the coverage and optimization of network information, but it is impossible to guarantee absolute sales results.

therefore, network promotion, many enterprises are facing tremendous pressure, stand in the boss’s point of view, he may not pay attention to promotion methods, your promotion process, as the enterprise boss he would only pay attention to a result: it is direct marketing performance, company’s products sold out, through the network sold? How many orders received? Standing in the promotion perspective, the enterprise’s product information and company brand out through various channels, which will involve SEM and SEO. SEM contains SEO. SEM is the face of the search engine results page information coverage, can not own website, the company’s product information and brand information released to the network on the corner. Forum, blog, guestbook, website, and now popular micro-blog, the information released to the network where all can reach. Let you have the information to be published calendar over the entire Internet, when you publish information will target users search for relevant keywords, but often more than one network promotion companies and enterprises, or others in the promotion of the same product, so we in order to achieve our objective coverage of information, we will strengthen the number of published information quality, etc.. When the search related information of the target users in the search engine, Baidu 10 has 8 is the release of information, the only way to promote the network of your goals, to cover the information search engine which is SEM to the extreme.

network promotion is divided into paid promotion and free promotion. Baidu bidding, soft news release, B2B platform information, buy high weight chain and they all belong to the charge of promotion; there are a lot of free promotion, landing some website platform for information dissemination, B2B, classification, blog, forum, know, Wikipedia, ask and answer. Free promotion will also involve SEM. The above SEM to do a simple description, then now say what is SEO. Why do you say that SEO belongs to a kind of SEM enterprise website will establish their own web site or blog around their own website promotion will use SEO. SEO is a kind of enterprise is only for their own site optimization, the enterprise website to optimize the keywords to search engine optimization of the first page or first. To do SEO, you have to own the company’s Web site, will involve the construction of the site, site operations, code optimization, internal optimization and external optimization, >

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