Network education website operation promotion lost face

according to the data obtained from the Internet Center shows that in 2009 a variety of key indicators of China’s online education sites showed a significant growth trend. The largest increase in the type of site. Whether direct visitors visitors access interest scale or single, has significantly improved, including education, education forum, site visitors a day within the overall scale has reached more than 32 million, this figure has more than 1/10 of the total number of Internet users Chinese. Education has increasingly become an important site in the field of Chinese Internet can not be ignored. As is known to all, the world is facing an economic crisis in 08 years. While education site contrarian growth gives us a great inspiration, the specific application of the Internet is still visible trust.

but the huge market demand and relatively low entry conditions for me is brought a lot of educational websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke, from the station to the local station basically is only one tutor Everything is contained therein., this one has reached a very frightening figure, only in the Baidu search "this keywords tutor" there are more than 95 million 300 thousand of which do home bidding is 17, which shows the competition is so fierce, and small. Each place is free to use names with innumerable key words are composed of tutor to obtain many hits. But a real brand is not a few, the majority of consumer recognition of the brand is not the final result is that consumers do not know how to choose, after comparing eventually chose the traditional family education service center. The implementation of network education is the biggest advantage of education, remember to have the national Ministry of education leading distance education project, but now with the development of network distance education depends on the original satellite transmission seems to have found a new development trend, and the network education abroad has been quite mature. Although there are a lot of domestic online distance education, but most did not scale.

according to the data analysis from the center of the Internet, the main bottleneck is the lack of awareness of the network education network education, coupled with the current technical defects are difficult to produce a platform in line with the large-scale market operations. The tutoring industry as an example, 85% sites were used release teachers and students demand information, student teachers appointment line on-site service, platform charge intermediary fees or fees by 10% earnings information; information platform of distance education software in the form of a combination of network teaching; 3% by using the method of information platform and other chat system to realize the combination of network teaching; 2% by other means. Faced with the huge market demand, but did not fully tap the product to meet the needs of the real, so the development can only be locked in the initial stage, not fully developed. Therefore, the education website in the operation is also a heavy fog.

because as an educational platform, users are teachers and students, but it is really pay for the parents, but the user does not have to pay for it, and even many times as a direct user >

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