Marketing is a psychological warfare to fundamentally rout the enemy defense

marketing is an enterprise that mining or quasi consumer demand, to promote and sell products from create a whole atmosphere as well as to create their own form of product, since going to promotion, of course to understand the desire to buy most of the customers in the heart.

modern economy is based on the needs of the market, the customer, the objective and accurate grasp of the customer’s psychology, stimulate consumer demand, is one of the key factors affecting the marketing of enterprises.

your products do not sell, you must let consumers feel your product is good, it is possible for you to pay. Today’s market, product homogeneity serious, although it is true that only rely on word of mouth can survive the case, but it is a pity that such a brand really few.

marketing staff for a long time engaged in a certain industry, a more extensive source of information, more professional knowledge, so it will be more accurate judgment. So sometimes you need to come up with this kind of confidence and confidence, adhere to the correct ideas, and not be swayed by some customer comments.

marketing is ultimately a psychological warfare, a battle between you and the consumer, long-term continuous Wars saw each other.

Apple Corp has always been arrogant and strong, consumers wait for the product to wait all night queuing to buy products need to be scheduled in advance. A limited supply of more enthusiasm, the people cried, not more people yearn for. Because it is not easy to have, feel more precious, more feel different.

a face

here refers to the face, can let the customer feel to buy this commodity in a face, you can also refer to the service to customer satisfaction, let him feel "face", because you can also store the overall layout of the overall style and his image, etc..

two. Conformity

sales, digital description. Why do you want to do every shop explosion, is to arouse the herd mentality. If all of your friends are using a product, you will not be curious to try, or follow suit?

three. Price

rise in prices to highlight a penny of goods, good goods are not cheap, down to highlight the quality and price decline did not decline in quality, service is still guaranteed. Users always feel the price is high, all aspects are good. This is actually a kind of discrimination, but really wise remark of an experienced person.

four. Show off

you show off the capital is the capital of the customer to show off, customers do not know where to show off, you have to teach customers.

For example:

ZARA the most popular fashion style for each store up to two pieces, sold not replenishment. Not only to meet the customer’s exclusive psychology, but also to make it more decisive when the next purchase.

here have to mention a word, "hunger marketing" is also a kind of treatment of selective difficulty of the best way. The disadvantage is that

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