Talk about how to do a good job to promote Taobao easy to earn thousands of dollars

Since launched Taobao customers, numerous website owners have joined Taobao customers in this industry, I have joined the industry, but not how to pick up, found Taobao promotion the following problems:

1, with the web site published Taobao promotion information can not be automatically updated, the promotion of the commodity link is easy to fail (Taobao products are constantly updated).

2, manual promotion is very tired, every time you need to spend most of the time to search for the right to promote the product, promotion tired, and no effect, the promotion of information is easy to fail.

in order to overcome these two difficulties, the application of Taobao API customer password, as long as the site through the record, you can apply to the mom in customer service, general 1-2 days will be able to apply to the password, the password can be directly from the mom that direct access to information promotion Taobao, Taobao promotion information such as access to the general need to do a special page is (Preview), and it is difficult to link the website article, but it is difficult to make, single page, Baidu, Google and other search engines included, it is difficult to retain customers.

how to make the site of the article in the promotion of Taobao information does not fail, can automatically update, and the promotion of Taobao information and the content of the article?

according to this idea, his painstaking exploration and research, finally made a "ASP version of the Taobao customer acquisition program" automatic promotion, the acquisition program with Taobao promotion account can call, realize sharing. Just copy the following code corresponding to the position of the page, and the corresponding acquisition program can be set, according to the key words in the web page related merchandise search, display Taobao promotion links with direct access from the mom that links are exactly the same, which is the real application of intelligent Taobao.

below for the reference:



              the above code will be added to the corresponding location of the web page can automatically search according to the keywords in the web page. Show the extension of the link can be obtained from Ali mother to get the promotion link to see if the same.


1, the web page keywords should be set up, especially in the first key words.

2, a reasonable set of keyword query, if keywords and more miscellaneous, it is best to use or avoid query, query is not the promotion of information, if the keyword is relatively small, and promotion of precision, and can use the query.

3, reasonable control push

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