Entrepreneurs through the success of the road network

mentioned entrepreneurial thinking, not only for individuals and entrepreneurial small companies. It can also be regarded as the two business, business expansion and transformation of large commercial network companies.

1, reflecting the success or failure of history back to the Internet network business history, we found some interesting phenomenon, many now looks very brilliant entrepreneurial elite, their entrepreneurial route is often unpredictable twists and turns, to a business by the beginning of precise positioning of its success, but very little. Ma Huateng endured several years of junk traffic doubts and ridicule, and finally introduced the client advertising, to solve the problem of feeding the company, but this is not the end, SMS storm is coming, let fly the same Tencent developed, and the message of this thing, when the Tencent founder, is no imagination. Ding Lei when the post office, thinking is very simple. The community do very cow B, but it did not let him get what benefits, the portal strategy blindly nearlycost company was kicked out of NASDAQ, the result just by turning on the message, this is his breakthrough game, start at the beginning of the unexpected. Is the beginning of a grand game community, when legendary agent has been regarded as china.com is folly, the china.com lost out the best time, helplessly see Chen himself rise directly to a high position.

Robin Li

early days still remain in the technology platform provider of ideas, the results have been encouraging Google, bypassing the portal revolution, Baidu from reborn. There are many such examples, a notable feature is that many of the successful achievement, by starting a business is never expected, that is to say, a lot of success often comes from a chance, but this chance, of course, the inevitable factors…… Another example is that some had been optimistic and enthusiastic investors in the model, with vigour and vitality is often littered with corpses, but wait a minute, in a few years after the storm, inadvertently, even some investors lose confidence in the project through the bleak hibernation and suddenly glow second spring. That is to say, although they continued the entrepreneurial ideal, but also the continuation, and they originally conceived a mile, you can say this is the effect of climate, but it is undeniable that the enterprise development, human had carefully arranged, in the network environment, but fragile so unbearable.

2, "Hao123 reflection of elite consciousness, capital under the amnesty" this article many of my friends have seen, of course, some people believe that they will still not to regard it as right, their understanding is correct, if someone tells you that a no technology, no business model, no business marketing strategy, even without any operation the resource and background of the people on the network can success, many people will think is out, but it is a fact, but this success, if we put some monthly income of tens of thousands of free occupation in go, there are quite a lot. How to evaluate the value of Hao123, caoz gives so few data, tiexue.net in >

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