She needs you to learn about women in Economics

with the women in the family and career to enhance the status of women around the group formed a consumer and financial circle special, "she makes economy" has become one of the most important issues in this era.

public data show that 75% of the Chinese total household consumption by women to decision-making, male 50% positioning products purchased by women, according to the Alibaba’s data show that Ali online sales of electricity providers in 70% by the contribution of female consumers.


In September 2014

published Ma listed speech said, Alibaba, 70% of buyers are women, 55% of the sellers are women.

if you want to earn a woman’s money, you must first understand women’s heart. In this era of data is king, every woman sliding phone, click on the link, have produced a lot of behavior habits.

so, how do you make your copywriting feminine?

A. let women be proud of

I read such a copy, "to question God’s script" perspective, and by representatives of some outstanding women as an example, to derive "God created woman, in order to make her proud", rather than "let her as a supporting role".


some history of outstanding women in those controversial, such as Chanel, Jia Boli · Elizabeth · Taylor, Song Qingling, Ci Xi et al, Evita as evidence to prove the woman made in the male aesthetic suppression efforts, but also can promote the progress of the era.

two. Product aesthetic

is also a product, if you tell a woman how good its performance price to low, she may be tempted, but if you tell her its good performance and low price, and the design is most women aesthetic will choose this product, maybe she will buy it immediately.

take Taobao product details page. Baby’s scene display and model shows the performance of the description, almost can determine the purchase of women. A laptop computer, women will worry about the portable look good, not overly concerned about your CPU graphics card.

three. Female man spirit

is now growing social pressure, many women from the gentle side become capable, such as the "super female man" spirit, very inspirational. Especially the "super super woman" is not a word meaning of advertising language, it is a bit "Hengyuanxiang" style.



in Paris L’OREAL’s popular "you deserve" as an example, less subjective command, more confident and indoctrination, it just uses super life >

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