What is your network marketing including network Yu

there are some companies because of contact with the network for a long time, you will feel very understanding of the network marketing, and even some good suggestions also began to ignore. What is more feel is experts, that is some modest, they saw a lot of theoretical articles for the size of the network marketing, but really practical, can produce results for their own use and not many, perhaps some people really understand some knowledge of the network, of course see more will naturally understand a few minutes. But in the application of time but still is budding, because there has been no special. Give out, they also do not know they are in a misunderstanding, I and everybody simple today to talk about the understanding of network marketing, there is a general problem in the enterprise, you look carefully, you are this team. The following points for Yu containing individual enterprise promotion in the past work experience, and share out, hope to be able to contribute a little strength, their development of marketing network and factual statement, words offended, do not take the brick.

, a company is very fashionable, N years ago the construction site, the cost of the yuan, is very proud, thought he could realize the ambition in the field of e-commerce, but over a period of time but the effect is not ideal. In fact, you may have a lot of problems on the site, to say to you:

1, site positioning is not clear, in order to sell, or for the brand, the purpose of building the site is not clear.

2, the website information capacity is small, static pages, can not update information.

3, website FLASH not only affect the speed of flashy without substance, stop and search engine friendly.

4, web site planning unreasonable, chaotic and complex structure, the pursuit of a unique personality unique stimulation".

5, the website information is not much, the pictures in groups, large and small, brightly coloured, just "nice"


6, N does not update the site information, is always a "old", let a person see don’t want to see any more.

7, website function is not clear, do not know whether the site for business leaders or service sales.

8, the lack of interactive web site, can not communicate online, message, and even corporate mailboxes are not.

9, the website does not have the central idea, the product does not have the selling point, the customer cannot see the characteristic, the website content is empty.

10, the site has never been to consider the promotion, you know, on the card, is it look good?

concluded that the site should be the page structure, simple clarity, convenient browsing, information comprehensive, rich, prominent characteristic of enterprise and product selling point, not too gorgeous pictures, to meet the physical, information, outstanding center, website to be flexible in the sense of service, the website is your office, usually how to receive guests, the Internet should be how to do, thoughtful and meticulous.


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