Those years was how to cage a variety of beauty user

actually user operations, for the maintenance of female users is definitely a difficult, especially the beauty of users. Don’t think that beauty is a blessing to chat, chat with a few beauty, may be high, but when you chat with thousands of beauty, you wouldn’t think this is a very happy thing.

many years ago, the first section I took on my show called really, I soon found breaking way: do real beauty. As for why not false data? Because I think the real users is the most valuable resource, false is always false, hiding from people. I took over the first month, the layout of the data will turn 3 times.

below, I will talk about some of the effective ways to maintain the beauty of the user.

first, some basic characteristics of community beauty

In fact,

network beauty has emerged very early, 01-03 appears very early a number, such as ayawawa, dudulook and so on, many of them are there in the community has a hundred responses to a single call. Sexy and rely on the limelight in the early years that many people have a precedent, I will not name.


2005, 2006 should be the most famous fairy MM and sister. I lose weight, that is another story. It is said that in 2006, the MM team a year earned about 3000000, this is absolutely astronomical at that time. At that time, a lot of network beauty, in the now 90, 95, it seems, have belonged to the ancient times of the characters, few will know. There are some real people I’ve seen, and I remember the first person I ever saw was a February girl.

after 2008, many models have begun to build their own reputation through the network channels, is still active, many have entered the film and television circles, such as Zhang Xinyu. When I know that group of beauty, and now has been active for a few, and many have been married to other women, and then the scenery unlimited to return to reality, beauty, such as.

virtual world beauty users, generally have the following characteristics:

1, have money. I have seen that the super rich, really is a rich girl type. I have seldom seen poor.

2, in the eyes of beauty, they always feel that they are the most beautiful. At least in them, will unconsciously reveal a kind of self-confidence, this confidence is very natural.

3, are interested in gossip. One is the star of gossip, a circle of gossip.

4, always a shopaholic. Don’t say that. Women always lack a piece of clothing, not to mention the beauty, they are estimated to be missing 10.

5, beauty, often have a weak side, there are stories. Some are very beautiful.

6, good little



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