On four points of attention to website promotion

website promotion is every webmaster friends will do a job, speaking of website promotion in the circle, if the people who do not know what the words, then you have to be eliminated, so, as long as the webmaster, as long as the center inside the circle, do website promotion activity no matter how the effect of the promotion, the author has done two years of promotion, large and small sites is more than and 30 bar, talking about this, I think, the most happy time every webmaster should be when your website through their own efforts to promote the success of the moment, it is exciting, and that joy is from the heart itself, but there are some taboos in the process of website promotion impassable in. On what taboos, the author begins to explain one by one:

website promotion a taboo: three days fishing nets two days of drying

in the process of website promotion, this attitude is the most intolerable. Who knows the website promotion does not depend on one or two days can be successful, website promotion is a long process to a thing, haven’t happened, so I advise you not to dream, to the website promotion, attitude is also very important, because the attitude will determine how long you can stand, can be extended to what extent. So, the website promotion is about to avoid today, then every few days or even a week after another, this promotion is not promotion, this something that you are, no matter Xia Yingchun. For a long time it is necessary to uphold the spirit of the webmaster.

website promotion taboo two: students pinch white made, a


site, the most important is to seek truth from facts, not to flow and big talk, such as a star people well, you should in order to promote the site said about her negative information, it is Hu pinching luanche. Therefore, even if the promotion, but also to do the promotion of integrity. As people often say do stand like a man, how to do the site can also see what kind of person is the webmaster, of course, this is a psychological experts say, I have not reached this realm. Television is not often said that it can not be fake, false and not true? So, don’t put your target users as a fool, with some false information or false information to deceive them, for that IP, this way, if you are short, so available, I think most of the webmaster is not short’s website, do you rely on the IP can make a lot of money, long-term vision that many people love the people of good faith.

website promotion taboo three: seven points of interest, effort

website promotion is not the most important interest, but the persistence and unremitting efforts, so as to have the opportunity to succeed. If you make a stand completely on the interest to do it, so when you reduce the interest, is not to be forgotten is the site? Not just the sort of website promotion so full of SAP rely on, more important is to know how to insist on, as the saying goes: to do in the station. So the website promotion is more important is persistent. Only in this way can you

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