Social marketing 10 ways to use LBS marketing

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introduction: Foursquare issued shortly after, LBS was once the domain of social marketing hot topic, but with the active users of the decline, businesses involved in little interest, LBS service seems to become a "tasteless but wasteful to discard" chicken ribs, once the LBS service provider is the transformation of Di goo photo sharing site, and the application of LBS Netease Bafang "NetEase" is close service, the street is only a few development is still good. That can be used to LBS marketing? This article to Foursquare (for example, can refer to the side of the street), to introduce you to the use of LBS 10 marketing methods, perhaps you will have a different understanding of LBS marketing.


#1 clear your business location

first, you need to set up your own files on the Foursquare, make sure your own location, so that your site can appear on the Foursquare. Use your mobile phone to download Foursquare applications, after the system will automatically search your site.


Enter the name of the

search site, and then click here to create your own location information in Foursquare.

this time, you will enter your site, select the category, enter your detailed address. Clear and detailed addresses can make it easier for people to search for you. Then choose a specific description of your site. The main types are:

art & entertainment

College & University



professional location & other places


store & service

travel & traffic

The main types of

will be subdivided into more species. As night life will be broken down into bars, beer houses, cocktail bars, parity bars, etc.. And then continue to select the type of subdivision to make your site more precise. If you do not find your location, try to enter the name after the search, if not, then the dialog box to the end you can manually add your site information.


The last step is to enter your

address, which is essential, although the dialog box tells you that you can choose to enter. When you fill in the background in the Foursquare, try to write as much information as possible, which will help you pass the information

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