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I appreciate the United States Dr.Ralph

Dr. F.Wilson in website promotion to make a market. He has been engaged in the research and popularization of Internet since he was 95 years old. The June 4, 2003 issue of the "29 ways to promote your website" book, still can do for the promotion of book marketing staff.


Wilson in 03 years, it has been divided into categories: search engine strategy (SEO), in (linked), the traditional method of promotion, Email promotion, hybrid methods, paid advertising strategy.

is more cattle: in the 03 year of their version of the link strategy, has been referred to as network news mail, electronic communications / magazine column to write articles, through published free articles, incidental site signature "one-time get hundreds of links – this is not the most popular blog / forum to push the embryonic form.?

several other ways, let me combine the practice of the past few years, to do something new, on the basis of the giant doctor, do a summary:

1, the site will be submitted to the main search directory or navigation website

classification is yellow pages directory, we usually say, it provides a catalogue for retrieval for all major search engines, especially the Google, the spider value of your site whether there is a link in this website.

domestic navigation site, it will bring a lot of traffic. Comparison of large: hao123, 265; medium-sized:,, etc., the proposed site to register, or very necessary.

two, the site log in to the industry site and professional directory

some user access habits, is located in an industry directory retrieval. You can apply to industry associations, similar enterprise platform to join your link, even if it should be paid, because it will bring you a lot of target visitors.

some time ago, Alibaba and Ma Hi2000 (  80.80, -1.60, -1.94%) the sun Deliang field of B2B PK, it is the ratio of professional search engine: who and whose application software can help the website to find the target user login.

three, request swap connection

look for some sites that are complementary to your site and ask for a link to each other. The ideal link is the site with the same amount of traffic on your site. Now slightly larger site, because the administrator received the exchange link request too much, it is easy to ignore you, therefore, might as well send a personalized Mail try.

in the process of exchanging links, there are often some wrong practices, such as whether or not

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