Network marketing monk also heart

recently opened shop in Shaolin Temple into the network marketing, selling only in the temples in the mountains for the practice of Zen monk Xiuchan incense, Zen Taiwan, kung fu shoes, protective gear and other supplies in Shaolin Temple to play online, network marketing, the first time to see this news, may feel the odd snacks, but deeply consider, this is a trend to look at the five major reasons for the monk play network marketing.

, China’s number of users has been the world’s first

Xinhua News Agency reported that as of February, the number of Internet users in China reached 221 million people, more than the United States ranks first in the world. At the end of 2007, the figure was 210 million. China has become the world’s largest country, China’s Internet users weekly access time, but also ranked first in the world. Such a large number of Internet users, the Internet has a lot of advantages under the offline market, you can make full use of the characteristics of the Internet, e-commerce, network marketing, the effect will not be wrong.

two, a huge online shopping market

according to iResearch recently released the "first quarter of 2008, the online shopping market monitoring report" shows, 2008 Q1 China online shopping market transactions amounted to 23 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 16.9%. It can be found that the beginning of the 07 year online shopping quarter turnover year-on-year growth of 07Q1 has always maintained a rapid upward trend, an increase of only 42.9%, 08Q1 has rapidly increased to 151.8%. these data show that online shopping market has increasingly become the focus of market attention.

three, the major impact of the Internet

every major events, the development of China’s Internet push up on a new higher level, this step includes: to further expand the social influence, a sharp increase in the number of network media audience etc.. Market research firm recently released survey report shows that the impact of the Internet on the growing consumer, and now far more than television, radio and newspapers and other traditional media.

four, network marketing has become an integral part of marketing

Shaolin Temple opened a physical store, but also in the online shop to carry out network marketing, offline and online marketing at the same time, the marketing effect will be doubled. Now many domestic enterprises have to carry out network marketing, the establishment of electronic commerce, the network marketing as a strategic part of the enterprise marketing and modern marketing personnel, not only to the traditional marketing, but also proficient in Internet marketing.

five, national policy support

in the "2006~2020 national informatization development strategy", "national economic and social development of the Eleventh Five Year Plan", the "Office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce a number of opinions" and other documents, the planning of the development of electronic commerce in China, and local governments at all levels to the development of electronic commerce as a important work, and to develop regional e-commerce development plan. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued

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