Do Taobao to succeed need to have 5 factors

Taobao made a relatively large adjustment in 2013, the first is Sina and micro-blog together, and then blocked WeChat, opened a micro Amoy Taobao wireless search, the new regulations, train the new version of the line and a series of actions in the show: Taobao to the buyer or the seller experience will be more perfect, which means the consumer will occupy more market share from Taobao in the future, there will be more people to join the online shopping market, this also means that Taobao is a very big potential. However, do Taobao want to succeed, I summed up the following 5 essential factors, if you can not do it is difficult to achieve.

is the first to adhere to. Whether the industry is the same, want to success is not a short duration of time effort you can get, see others do seem to make a lot of money to pay the actual Taobao, behind the sweat and bitterness you cannot see. So, don’t envy the success of others, when you do Taobao can’t do anything, we must stick to it. Ma Yun said, a lot of people are dead tomorrow night, the reason is can’t hold on. If you do a month’s plan, you will soon be eliminated by Taobao. If you do it for a year, you will find that you can survive through your own efforts. If you do three years of planning, you find that the time has not been able to see the start. If it is five years or even further planning, you will find that you have to do this before the number of the category. Therefore, from the beginning to hold insist Aoyama do not relax the spirit, insist on, you can have a hope of success.

second is a good attitude adjustment. Do Taobao especially in the service of this link, will meet the customers by the probability of every hue, flirt, Cursed is too high, if this time you jump three feet, want to do a customer ablaze with anger, the inevitable result is to lose you. A lot of people do the success of Taobao, is because there is a good state of mind, strong pressure, no matter how hard it is always difficult to encounter a light smile, people who have experienced the wind and rain to see the rainbow.

third is to keep pace with the times to learn new knowledge. The reason why Taobao would make so many people fought to join in, because it can provide a relatively fair platform. Here, you don’t need to be the son of Li Gang, do not need to have a very high degree, but you must have the ability to learn new rules change constantly studying Taobao, follow the pace of development, through different creative ideas and test in practice, draw their own experience, out of a broad road to belong to your go more stable. Lining since 2003 began to stay at home, only the results of this Hongkong mansion sold back, the reason is that he lay in the success of the pillow to sleep, lack of learning ability will be out of the market ruthless. Society has been eliminated in the educated people, but will never be able to eliminate the ability to learn is the truth.

fourth is the quality of service will determine how far you can go. Do Taobao in the final analysis is the service industry, you are to provide buyers with products and services

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