Domain expiration period

domain name every day to delete the exact date and delete the list

domain name every day, Beijing time 03 -03:30 to delete about more than 20 thousand domain name information, com.Net.Org, both at home and abroad have a rush to buy the company

a lot of domain names are some enterprises, some person forgot to renew

or can not find the renewal units, were removed from the domain name, have high value, state some definitions reference international domain name

1: for example, domain name expires on 2003 03, 01,

2: from the beginning of 2003 03 month 02 days, the NS domain name will be automatically deleted, the domain name cannot be resolved, the company will continue to retain the domain name registration 30 days, users can renew during the 30 day period;

3: if there is no renewal of the 2 30 day period, from 2003 03 month 31 days, the domain names into RedemptionPeriod state, the state will remain for 30 days, during which the domain name will not fall down, but in addition to the restore command all commands outside this domain name

is invalid;

4: domain name in the RedemptionPeriod state can be restore back, but every restore need to pay fees;

5: if the domain name in the RedemptionPeriod state for 30 days without restore, from the 2003.04.29 domain name into PendingDelete state (day 5), 2003, 05, the domain name will be deleted.

about the domain name from maturity to fall to 30+30+5=65 days

VeriSign added 3 fields in its Registry Whois (.COM and.NET) in January 2003:

Status, Creation Date, Expiration Date

Status which is currently found in 8 states, namely:

1, ACTIVE: active state. Set by Registry; the domain name can be changed by the Registrar; can be renewed; at least is assigned a DNS.

2, REGISTRY-LOCK: Registry lock. Set by the registration authority; the domain can not be modified or deleted by the registrar; the Registrar must terminate the status for the Registrar to modify the domain; the domain can be renewed; if the domain name is assigned at least one DNS may be included in (domain name root server) in the region (normal use).

3, REGISTRY-HOLD: Registry Office >

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