t’s so hard to make money

I site also has seven or eight years, beginning just for fun, to make money or not is not generally considered. Have also done a variety of money Union, but really did not earn what, even if there are only a few hundred dollars, not what.

to do more, feel that they want to make money, then you to your visitors what value, can provide value, the money you can earn. Some stations every day only a few dozen IP everywhere put advertising, that can earn money for >

is not difficult to make money, site positioning is very important, your site’s target group is those people, why they go to your station, why pay you, these are to be clear

station, I think that money is not easy, the three stations, each station also has entered thousands of yuan / month, no more and no less, can live on the line. For those who want to make money not to visit their compatriots, first consider the location, my site, I the target group is that their needs, I can provide those values, how can I convince people who want to through my website, I want to make money, it is not difficult to


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