Kimaki Morimegumi pig CMS multiple entrepreneurs Hao gift surprise

autumn Sheng Huiji, enjoy the ceremony entrepreneurial dream


venture double play, zero risk entrepreneurship, high-yield returns

public entrepreneurship, innovation. The wave of Internet entrepreneurs come to want to fast start the nuggets? Pig CMS autumn Sheng Hui, open entrepreneurship duet, as your guide Internet business direction, round your entrepreneurial dream.

the right choice is better than a thousand times. Pig CMS is willing to work with you hand in hand, win-win future!

activity time: October 17th – 21

activity places: only the first 88, first come first served.

> > > > the first venture Quartet: buy source products, enjoy the dual benefits of ceremony

1 product Courtesy: 10 percent off entrepreneurial surprise

pig CMS all source type products, enjoy the 10 percent off business incentives, the minimum is only 7800, the highest straight down by 30000.

2 service Courtesy: free custom development

buy piglets CMS electricity supplier, O2O source products business, you can enjoy free custom development services.

next venture to

after the public number of times: the number of public dividends disappear, WeChat marketing market has become saturated; WeChat ecosystem has turned to WeChat payment, WeChat card package and membership system remodeling.

The rise of the

service industry: with the increasing income of residents, the service industry will rise, the proportion will continue to increase; the retail sector will also be upgraded, there will be a lot of new opportunities.

demographic dividend disappeared: Mobile Internet users have seen growth ceiling, population growth is slow, businesses do not take the initiative to face the loss of customer traffic, no business can do.

line under the flow of Revolution: traditional business does not pay attention to the transformation of the line under the flow of the next line of traffic is bound to detonate, online, offline, traditional members and financial system integration will become a hot spot.

Market opportunities and new dividend

has emerged, how to intercept the next business outlet


> > > venture second: add Quartet agent, "Ying" 5 times the profit

CMS wisdom pig shop products, global business agent! Zero risk, low investment, high profit 5 times, to help you easily achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

1 proxy:

become piglets CMS agents, you can enjoy a wealth of entrepreneurial incentives and support.

· smart silver free platform to send

· WeChat Alipay profit rebate to you


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