Master on Ali mother conspiracy

At the beginning of the

directly into the topic… We thought that Ali mother is now profitable in what Ali mother rely on to support employees


I think mom is now off to earn money by Taobao to support employees, promotion data Ali mother has not made public the Taobao customer now, that is because Ali mother from the promotion to a commission to get off the success of Taobao at

to eat!

many webmaster know Ali mother’s plot, but so far no one said, just don’t do Taobao customer. Many Taobao customers through their own promotion link purchased items, but there are few successful commissions?? as long as the Taobao customer response to Ali mother customer service, customer service staff will say "system the investigation, after 3 working days to put money back to Taobao off, ridiculous, Ali mother so high levels of technical personnel, how to continue to appear the omission phenomenon? Is the low level of technology or intentional


I was in Ali mother did later moderator, why should I resign? Because Ali mother hung hung integrity, open and transparent, behind did not know how much… And, mom has always been out of contact with anyone, rarely listen to suggestions from the webmaster, mom started to now do not know how many owners abandoned, Ali mother now why so many owners fail, why leave? Because Ali mother forgot how to start the, Ali mother put this platform as to me, finally I hope mom can do, can


a lot of I did not express it, did not write it out, but simply said, I hope you understand the reader!

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