Tens of thousands of sellers put pressure on Taobao to cancel the integrity of self examination acti

saw a CB on the article, signed "Tiemuzhen", I do not know is Taobao official, this article from the seller pressure to say: Taobao to revoke the "false transaction records http://s.cnbeta.com/articles/89485.htm integrity of self-examination activities" investigation? F=tw yesterday morning (July 24th), the author (Wang Xiaobo) received the information, said many the seller friends because Taobao "honest self-examination system" incident, the netizens spontaneously organize a "anti Taobao union", immediately joined the group and the relevant wavelet correlation to understand the dynamic chat room.

July 24th, 12 noon, gathered more than and 200 Taobao sellers in a chat room, the corresponding Taobao fierce discussion the manslaughter behavior, and began planning a series of activities organized by Taobao, official concern. In the afternoon, the wavelet from a number of local nature of the anti Taobao alliance QQ group learned that at 8 o’clock in the evening to make the following resistance to Taobao to attract the attention of Taobao:

1 home, "hot single product recommendation" massive click;

2, the larger "burn" categories, such as mobile phone, TV, luggage and other goods train advertising click;

3, Taobao’s first shop, lemon green tea crazy beat goods, so that the goods under the shelf, not normal sales.

night, around 10, wavelet heard a chat room, said the seller of the crown of the two, Taobao seems to compromise. More than one anti Taobao alliance within the QQ group have friends said, to investigate the evaluation has been restored. The response of the seller’s friends, according to wavelet statistics, there are probably thousands of people involved. At this point, Taobao has revoked the integrity of self-examination activities investigation false transaction records. The wavelet will be closely observed in the counter action, please continue to focus on


related screenshots:

1, group announcement

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