Net sales of food or will be included in the regulation of private kitchen platform to seek transfor

recently, the State Food and Drug Administration of the drafting of the network of food business supervision and management approach (Draft), and open for comments. The "measures" provisions, food network operators shall obtain the license or registration certificate of the food business in accordance with the law, such as the third party trading platform food network operators can not provide specific information is required to bear responsibility, offenders sentenced to more than five thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine.

if the "measures" landing, which means that sharing will put up the shutters economic model of the catering business enterprises to go home to eat dinner, as the representative, from birth to now has been known to the user unknown to the public, private kitchen sharing platform along the way through all doubts and challenges, but rely on walking a fine line with the law regulations to play, is harmless, but now, the "measures" surfaced, had hidden crisis catering business field of entrepreneurs have to start thinking.

shared economic model of dining players

if hungry, Baidu takeaway and other traditional catering platform has been unable to meet you so delicious, now in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen city appeared in a number of "private kitchen share" as a gimmick catering enterprises. Simply speaking, the community retirement home and love to cook uncle aunt set to the online platform as the kitchen, provide their own specialty for the outside and eat away the taste of home white-collar.

Beijing science and Technology Co., a pair of chopsticks produced home for dinner app is one of the representatives, is currently in the "private kitchen share" in one of the largest flow pattern, according to the information that the company has completed the a round of financing, financing amounted to millions of dollars.

home for dinner app founder Tang Wanli said, compared with the traditional delivery companies, go home to eat the main health and sanitation, health in the target user location outside the home to the white-collar groups, in fact, for the business which is a kind of feelings Tang Wanli, let retirement can play the heat at home uncle aunt, can also leave home outside the home provides a general family healthy and delicious.

today, takeaway has become side of the Red Sea, "" another way to share private kitchen, seems to be able to find yourself in a space for one person Internet plus catering outlet. An investment industry told Sina Technology said that the field of Internet plus catering is undoubtedly a great outlet, either vertical field distribution or shared economic mode boutique delicacy of private kitchen share, is a kind of development trend.

cooperation with the central kitchen or become the only way out

‘s mother, founder of the Korean food science and technology to Sina said that at present there is no aunt at the end of the food and beverage license, just rely on the platform for the supervision of aunt and aunt self-discipline.

in our previous reports also mentioned that, according to the taste of mother provides the enterprise information, the brand belongs to better network (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., but Sina search Beijing enterprise credit information publicity system, better network technology (Beijing).

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