Analysis of sea fishing strategy advancing with the times to lead users

sea fishing survival cheats is a legend, the legend and the derivative to also apply in other industries. IDC industry as the basis of the entire IT industry business, just like all the Internet and business owners of the restaurant, only the quality of food and attentive service, in order to provide adequate nutrition for the entire IT industry.

IDC, the special nature of the industry, technology and services are meant to support two legs to be bigger and stronger, but a number of leading domestic service providers already have their own skills, Ali cloud, Sheng Dayun, etc. have eight degrees cloud made a perfect one-stop service system and various kinds of products. 2013, eight degree network Liu Chuanyong said: we have to do the IDC industry, fishing, product innovation, service innovation, free in the end will be the main line of our strategy." Behind such a heroic slogan, what exactly is the move, let Xiaobian to explain.

Strategic thinking on the success of

"sea fishing"

market positioning is particularly important for enterprises. In order to maintain the momentum, the basis for integration inside and outside the enterprise to deal with enterprise resources, refer to a number of competitors operating state, evasiveaction, put forward their own strengths, occupy the leading position of the label "". Is in line with the actual situation of the enterprise to the label, and obtain customer approval, not the first, is the only one to become an independent school. The basic task of enterprise positioning is to allow enterprises to emerge in a pile of enterprises to facilitate customer selection. "The sea" has been able to do so successfully, one of its products have a sense of innovation of popular and unique, pure, delicious taste, and the most important thing is the service, it is in place, but also to enjoy the most intimate service staff, eat fruit, drink, snacks, playing cards, the Internet, and even provide free Manicure, such as shoeshine service, waiting for is no longer a painful process.

is a word, whether it is traditional food and beverage industry, or to provide network services or close to user needs, advocating services to enterprises is based on the


analysis of eight degree network submarine fishing strategy

2013 for the IDC industry, is a major development year. From 2012 IDC business development, IDC based business to occupy the main source of income, IDC value-added services are becoming the focus of the differentiation of the competitiveness of IDC enterprises, the future development prospects. From the industry development trend, the impact of cloud computing is beyond doubt. Cloud computing is changing the traditional IDC from the construction model, user behavior, business models and network load, and other aspects of cloud computing to solve the problems in the development of the original IDC significant. Future IDC business is expected to gradually shift from selling resources to sell services.

in this regard, in terms of products, eight degree network CEO Mr. Liu Chuanyong said that in 2013 the product line will be more than eight degrees, in addition to the existing server, cloud hosting, space domain name, site

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