6 basic elements of the operation of the online shop

one, the industry is based on the right to choose, select the industry

in the shop and website operation, from the industry portal website or industry website now in innumerable society, you will become more and more difficult to survive, if you do not have a sense of crisis, you will be a new generation of web users and elimination. Do you really understand the confusion of the development of the Internet industry, your website can make up for the lack of industry.

two, competition is the key to competitive advantage

in the website operation promotion, you need to find your main rivals at first, your position is in the country, or local, if you are doing the best to a local website, you do not take the site as a major competitor.

first of all, what do your competitors do, what are their advantages, such as: they have industry associations support, or other. Second: what are your own advantages, how to do better than competitors in detail. Third: where you can create more value for customers, better customer service. Only continue to obtain competitive advantages, you can make an invincible position in the competition, is not the money to fight, but should outwit, skillfully.

three, the demand is the basic needs of users is the most basic, more than your competitors to meet customer needs

website if you are not built to meet the users of the information based on the update, to establish their own development team, walking program development, so how do you compete with rival competition, because your opponent is the foundation of the site, and you’re still the new generation, whether you can better meet customer needs than you competition? You know Internet users and advertisers demand


four, the wealth of resources is more resources, the stronger the competitiveness of

resources are divided into: customer resources, information resources, data resources, technical resources, human resources, society resources, cooperation community and financial resources and so on, these resources are directly or indirectly for the Internet service and create value. The more resources, the more competitive.

five, flow is the flow of life is the site’s life

site traffic is a prerequisite for advertisers to advertise on your site. If there is not enough advertisers to pay the form of advertising, then the site is unknown. How are you doing industry portal, then you have to try to lock the industry users click rate, only the customer is your loyal customers, those the industry most can only be a passer in. If you are a local site, you should design and promote your site in the light of the local industry. How if you don’t have many advantages in resources, do not rashly to do a national website, so you spend investment and promotion costs are high. Therefore, the effective flow is the site of life.

six, integration is the core of the enterprise according to their own resources to integrate

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