Avoid Ali Denver in the electricity market of agricultural Jingdong

re design of logistics system, open up the farmers, couple stores, manufacturers and even local freight drivers and other parties to the chain, "the harvest is not going to seize the man developed agricultural electricity market.


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since last year, Alibaba, Jingdong, Suning and other giants began to layout rural electricity supplier. They set up rural service stations, to help the villagers purchasing goods, or local characteristics of agricultural products to sell out, trying to use the Internet to change the rural commodity circulation system, accelerate the development of rural electricity supplier.

but from the product attributes, Alibaba, Jingdong, is aimed at the daily necessities, 3C appliances and fruits and vegetables, grain and other agricultural products market, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural products are not their strengths.

Alibaba, Jingdong on the rural living consumption upgrade opportunities, needs to improve to rural users; in contrast, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds and other agricultural production factors is strong, rigid demand belong to the farmers." Beijing rosant Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Liu Zifeng told news reporters interface.

in order to avoid direct competition with the giants in April 2015, Liu Zifeng founded the "harvest man" brand, intends to seize not mature agricultural electricity market.

as a pioneer in the market, harvest man encountered the first problem is the user from where the problem.

although the city has entered the era of mobile Internet, but the digital divide so that the majority of rural information is still in a very backward level. In particular, most farmers in China are forty or fifty years old, they not only do not use smart phones, and even computers are not used.

for such a market environment, Liu Zifeng changed his mind and decided to use B2B2C mode to open the market. The key of "B" in the middle, is every farmer daily life are faced with the important commodity trading places: the village canteen.

"we put the key node called ‘shop’, because after the study we found that the canteen is almost 100% owned by spouses or relatives." According to Liu Zifeng introduction, the husband and wife shop owner as a businessman, the mind is more flexible and more open than ordinary farmers, willing to accept new things, so they can try to participate in the new business model of their propaganda.

in addition, due to the information is blocked, logistics is not developed, a limited number of types of goods sold by the couple stores, only rely on the price of the product to make money opaque. A man can help them to purchase a richer variety, the price is more affordable for agricultural products, has a certain appeal.

In cooperation with the

shop at the same time, another problem is smoothly done or easily solved.

has been the biggest problem in rural electricity providers operating is the high cost of rural logistics. In accordance with

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