Share Taobao men’s shop two months of marketing experience

is now more and more friends to do Taobao, but how to sell our goods. Now I would like to share two years of marketing experience to share Taobao men’s shop. I hope some of our friends ready to enter Taobao some help. Shipping activities, many of our friends in the film when the baby have this habit, take a look at the sellers shipping it, sometimes a baby the same, the seller shipping, the other shop nopostage, our buyers will choose shipping shop making baby. Shipping also have a lot to pay attention to, choose the right product for shipping, the shipping activities, must set up the rules, to avoid loss of gift marketing activities, gifts are very suitable for relatively high prices but the manufacturers did not allow the price cut too large goods, we can use the flexibility of disguised gifts the price. Give the best gift related goods.

special offer marketing activities, the first to find a suitable reason for our special offer, if the price for no reason, we will be very difficult to commodity prices to go up after the special offer time not too long, not to let others feel your special offer is no practical effect in the eye. There is a slogan written, if it is expensive goods can write straight down how much money, if it is cheaper goods can be written on a discount.

seckill marketing activities, we all know of our shop seckill will bring great popularity, will also bring a lot of volume, there are several aspects we should pay attention to, first of all to the price range is very large, one yuan to sell the best effect. Goods should be put on the shelf in advance, preferably half a month in advance to the shelves, so that there will be more people to know you this product, so as to participate in spike talent will be more. Before engaging in spike activities to multi propaganda, know the more people the better.

lottery marketing award must have enough weight, can attract people, small enough to award, the more the better, can do each have better award the prizes, I fully in our shop, let all customers to your store to know you in the sweepstakes. Marketing activities for the purchase, the purchase price is not too high, the best effect of a dollar exchange. Buy goods to buy. Show the location to be clear, direct, simple, to let customers know that you have a store purchase activities.

finally we want to attract repeat customers can use Alipay red envelopes, envelopes can attract repeat customers, mobilize the enthusiasm, consumption integral, integral effect is actually a disguised price, membership card in my money manager in Taobao Ali software. Rules can be developed according to different trading limits.

sentence is more to the problem in the interests of customers, the only way we can have a lot of customers, in order to better promote our merchandise stores, although I opened the Taobao men’s clothing store, but the shopkeeper all my marketing experience to promote your products. Hope to help you.

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