Zuo Mingyan talk about the future of group buying website

group purchase as a new e-commerce model, by its own group of consumers, professional website, group purchase business organization group purchase form, enhance the bargaining power of users and businesses, and greatly benefit the goods, causing consumers and industry vendors, and even capital market attention. Buy more favorable commodity prices, this consumption model has gradually exposed the explosive power. Insiders said that the network has changed the traditional consumer spending rules of the game. So from the beginning in March 2010, a large number of domestic group purchase websites such as a sharp angle in the bamboo shoots after a spring rain show in the field of Internet users. Just a few months time, almost all of the big and small Internet are set up to buy the site, whether it is style or template is almost copy and then copy, we look at how to buy the site in the future development of it!

everything has a leader, in order to compete in the industry to get the last boss, then you have to be innovative products, a better profit model in order to allow consumers willing to pay for you. In fact, group purchase site in the current there are still many defects, recently and several friends to chat, group purchase website why one day only show a business without a group purchase information, to give users the chance to choose more at the same time, group purchase platform also can earn more money. So why don’t you do that?

I personally think: choose to buy most of the group is the company’s staff, mostly in the working hours to see what the group has to buy promotions. They choose to buy, then one day time is limited, businesses want to showcase their products in the most effective time, if this show number of commodity again such as Baidu bid form, which stores the higher the price, the merchant appeared in group purchase goods, which will have a great business the chain, finally could not have Baidu so fire, then the consumer businesses why to choose this advertising platform? According to a business day, perhaps this is the group purchase network profit model innovation. But in the face of so many buy site, the competition is still deepening, buy site and more innovation to be displayed.

also mentioned: why do not buy the page at the same time to show the information of a few businesses at the same time they want to buy goods. I think this idea is also good, but I think this interface should be required to support multi-user sharing can be achieved, such as Taobao, Jingdong, those payment functions. But the cost should be increased, I do not know why the specific group did not use such a way, perhaps there is a better way.

also considered at this stage there are a lot of group purchase can not control the conditions, such as the group purchase only bought provisions can not be returned, as online news said a woman because the group purchase price, and bought a mat, but go back and her bed size is 1/3 width, of course she is not satisfied with the choice to return that is, group purchase site did not say. Finally refused to return. This will not only have a negative impact on the platform to buy the site, while consumers do not have the law to use the Internet, in the Internet to build a website to buy a website or portal website

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