Edge network to join hands to create a different TV 17TV double 11

from Taobao in November 11, 2009 to name the first promotional singles to date, "double 11" from a home appliance business creative sales gimmick, evolved into a global manufacturer and supplier in Chinese consumer Carnival day. This year’s "double 11" is approaching, the major businesses have to jump off the eager for a fight in eight years of constant "buy buy buy" slogan to attract more consumers with innovative ways. It is reported that Lenovo 17TV TV will invite the edge of the network launched to buy TV to send objects to create a different kind of double 11".

why do you have the edge network and Lenovo 17TV TV will scratch the spark?

according to the edge of network marketing official said, "double 11" essence or singles, so the dating sites are at this time to seize the layout. Destined network as a mobile dating platform Gengdong 90 hope that users feel warm even in the day, so to Lenovo 17TV TV launched the activities of the "double 11" during the Lenovo 17TV Tmall flagship store to buy a TV, can participate in sweepstakes, prize by the net margin, including the monthly membership fee, net margin of bicycles and electric vehicles.

is a mobile dating platform Gengdong 90, is an advocate "love to be together" the conscience of the brand, the cross-border cooperation and the Lenovo 17TV edge network TV is bound to create a special part of the 90 full of love "double 11". Destined network said, because 90 unique marriage, traditional matchmaking service has been unable to meet the current needs of young people, 90 are more opportunities and chat on. So the more interesting activities, more direct 90 heart, attracting them in the platform, the object can also help them more freely to choose your favorite.

on the edge of network discovery after 90 love deeply

so how 90 has its unique marriage? According to the analysis of the edge of network research, the past of marriage on 90 is "out of date". They are excluded are posted on income, garages and other material as people pick the label. Ideological and economic independence, prompting them to love the dominant power, it is worth mentioning that, after 90 women in this area is also quite conscious. 70% after 90 rejected the traditional dating.

90 do not want to be labeled with their own physical selection, but also do not want to choose the object of physical standards. There is a problem in the margin of a questionnaire survey is: what is the most important aspect of the other side of the A. income B. qualifications C. age D. concept has more than 60% of 90 users choose D. Thus, after 90 in the marriage issue is no longer simply subject to material considerations, but more concerned about the concept and the spirit of the same level, such as consumption, education, living habits, and even sexual concepts.

it is reported that the purchase of TV to send the object of the event is not predestined relationship between the network and Lenovo 17TV TV for the first time, before the two sides jointly raise

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