The new version officially unveiled the business school from the beautiful said calling you home re

and these two beautiful women vertical electric business platform since June 15th officially announced the merger, recently finally completed the integration of the underlying architecture technology, new beauty business platform officially debut, the old version of a beautiful interface said from the beginning of September 1st to stop the service.

Business School of clouds and beautiful to say have always maintained close relations of cooperation, from the business school’s member system is said to achieve a perfect butt and thus become beautiful, beautiful said the owners selected members of the marketing management system preferred. Beauty shop owner shop is bound to pass after all from the membership, membership information will automatically sync to the cloud through membership system, unified management and marketing.

as a member of the relationship from the professional maintenance of membership management system, the owner provides a complete membership management including market, marketing and service in one of the solutions for the beauty that can help the mining to enhance customer value, store revenue. As the cloud SaaS membership management system on behalf of the service provider, the business school from compatible with the PC and the mobile terminal, across the screen to meet the application scenarios of various actual business needs.

and marketing aspects, as one of the domestic WeChat marketing mature technology service providers from the membership, through effective means of marketing, let the members to complete the process of powder road turn quickly, an efficient order. And allow members to participate in the owner of the brand, said the initiative to consciously participate in the dissemination of new sources.

with the launch of a new version of beauty, from the Business School of professional and technical team members through the first time, only spent 1 days, completed the new beauty shop interface binding update.

beauty store owners only need to login through membership, unlasing has authorized the old version of beauty shop, select "new beauty," said the shop to complete re authorized version of beauty, will be able to get the store membership information, enjoy membership through quality service system.

beauty said binding authorization process

members through the operating path: system settings to bind shop

select the store and click [apply binding]


: in the pop-up window of the shop type select new beauty, click on the beautiful said icon LOGO authorized. The following figure:


use beautiful background user password login.



binding, can be determined in the window click.

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