Vertical electricity supplier dilemma where is the transformation of the road

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recently, the Internet rumors once renowned footwear B2C letao sold to former employees, original music Amoy network CEO Bisheng has led its core staff to start a new venture project. In this regard, the media contact on the Bi Sheng, said its response is children, inconvenient to answer the takeover, the specific circumstances to leave in early May after the formal interview.

responded by suggesting that the sale should be true. But the news is true, does not seem to be the focus of attention, we are concerned about the survival of the vertical electricity supplier. Because the music Amoy network before the sale, another vertical electricity supplier website Qiaoyu pretty things just closed down less than a month. Earlier, what customer crisis, delisting, red child Mcglaughlin ended, bad mouthing vertical electric providers reported more is how we can be heard without end, can not help but ask the vertical


mouthing the other side of the vertical electricity supplier, it is the prosperity of the vertical electricity supplier scene. Vertical electricity supplier website success of the United States IPO, a short period of time, the market value is approaching 10 billion. Prior to this, China broke the billion mark Internet Co only Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, millet, 360, although NetEase has also entered the ranks of tens of billions of companies, but soon disappeared from the queue. Not only that, another vertical electricity supplier also recently to SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) to submit the prospectus. In other words, will be listed.

relative to the previous various vertical business news, into the billions of dollars the company, may have more value contrarian IPO talk, don’t they encounter vertical dilemma?’s dilemma

with such questions, Feng brother studied now represents a vertical electric outlet on behalf of From its market growth rate, from 2012 onwards, the growth rate has been declining phenomenon. In other words, the demographic dividend period or will be completed, the biggest problem facing him is how to activate the old user to buy again. Is the purchase of a single person, rather than the purchase of per capita, earnings report will always be repeated purchase per capita, such data may not be significant.

from the growth point of view, currently occupy domestic market share of less than 5%, there is much room for growth. On the other hand, because of’s stock price performance is excellent, which will lead to the giants of the coveted and into the office, it will be a bad news for The current situation is that the Jingdong, where customers are online sale, Dangdang and other products like, even Ali, Juhuasuan also launched similar products.

finally, from the perspective of commercial nature, its core value is to help manufacturers, suppliers consume inventory, improve cash flow. Is a "box make the difference of it, the core value of low cost replication. Because the purpose of the supplier or brand is to consume

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