Business position platform for the brand to fight more cohesion

June 6th news, yesterday, Tmall forced sellers to withdraw from Jingdong promotional event was exposed. Only product show network linked to a senior Tmall original brand businesses, expressed their views on the matter.

the merchant pointed out that due to the competition between the suppliers of electricity supplier resources fight, the results may eventually lead to only one, that is exacerbated by the brand crisis, so that the group cohesion stronger. "Fighting this kind of thing is the interaction of each other, today I hit you, you hit me tomorrow, the popular said, ‘come out sooner or later to be mixed’."

the business admits, two choose one can be said to be a solution to the problem". Faced with this situation, the brand with its platform to play, it is better to play with their own pace.

, according to the only product show network understanding, some brands in the face of choice, the majority of the strategy is to ensure that the activities of Tmall, the first focus on doing one end of the promotion. As Jingdong and other electronic business platform, in the name of the store or brand launch activities, rather than under the banner of Jingdong big promotion banner.

"we do activities all the year round in Jingdong, this is our own rhythm and arrangement." These brands to the only product show network, said the brand at this critical moment, it is particularly important to identify their position. Therefore, the business platform for each year to promote does not hold too much as expected, only at the end of 11 double a rehearsal and exercise.

as to why the collective brands, the brand’s "Silence" is the truth, what happened in the past, there will be people to stand up, but for the entire business environment is not touched, after the contradiction between the platform is still not improved. "Say, cool, and what value and meaning" (content: only product show

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