Jingdong medical city at the end of August the first batch of eight chain pharmacies in line


technology news August 21st afternoon news, Jingdong announced today that its pharmaceutical city will be officially launched at the end of August, the first batch of 8 regional pharmacies and pharmaceutical Jingdong city cooperation.

first co tenants including Beijing jewim pharmacy, Shanghai Meida, Shandong Ji’nan pharmacy complex jade civilian pharmacies, Hubei Wuhan Zhonglian pharmacy, Hebei Zhangjiakou Hua Tuo Guangdong Guangzhou large pharmacy, two Heaven Gansu Lanzhou large pharmacy, pharmacy, Hunan deshengtang Huaihua Huairen large pharmacy.

medical city Jingdong responsible person, Jingdong medical city position itself in the pharmaceutical business service providers, through the introduction of the main channel of pharmaceutical retail has Internet drug business license of the drugstore chain for businesses.

pharmaceutical city itself does not sell products, sales and service functions are settled by businesses. The future is in the hope that regulatory support and supervision, further build online physician consultation platform, and gradually form a major disease management as the starting point of the health management platform, become a professional health consultant user side.

as a result of the country for the strict control of drug sales network, the operation of Jingdong pharmaceutical city also strictly abide by the relevant state laws and regulations. Stationed in the Jingdong medical city businesses must have "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "the Internet and drug transaction service qualification certificate" two permits local large chain pharmacies, independent of the release of goods, backstage management, payment system and other systems.

and Jingdong pharmaceutical city is a province, city for the region to carry out business screening, only the corresponding region of the customer to buy goods in the store.

customers can directly through the online shopping cart to buy non restrictive products of health care products and other drugs; and special products are restricted only by the "submit" pharmacy service form, will transfer the drug information consumers need to correspond to the drugstore chain, chain pharmacies will be sent to each store information. The store clerk will the goods reach the hands of customers, and to collect related loans; all services including distribution, return is through the store, and must be completed in 24 hours.

is reported that the goal of the first year of Jingdong pharmaceutical city is the development of 30 businesses, with a total of 3000 stores, and the basic coverage of more than two tier cities and key areas. Currently, Yunnan’s largest pharmacy chain heart hall has also reached a partnership with it, Yunnan, a hundred years old pharmaceutical companies in Kunming Chinese medicine factory has become an important partner of Jingdong pharmaceutical city. (Lin Lin)

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