2014 in the first half to reduce the number of buy site dropped sharply to 176

professional group purchase navigation site 800 in 16 released the latest statistics show that the first half of this year the domestic network group purchase a total turnover of 29 billion 430 million yuan, a record high. The number of sites to buy has dropped to 176, compared to the peak in August 2011 when the 5058, the survival rate was only 3.5%.

in 2011 to 6.5 in the year of 2013, the market share of the semi annual compound growth rate of 44.9%. Group 800 forecast if this year to maintain the growth rate, this year, the second half of the group turnover should be $31 billion 510 million and $45 billion 640 million. In the first half of this year turnover was only 29 billion 430 million yuan, less than expected $2 billion 80 million, if you want to achieve the annual target, which means that the second half of turnover to reach $47 billion 720 million.

although the overall volume of buy industry is increasing, but the growth rate is slowing down buy. From the statistical data, the current market to buy the market to further exacerbate the Matthew effect, the top 5 buy site turnover accounted for more than 99% of the whole. In only 176 of the group buying site, the number of platform type buy site for the 43, the number of vertical class buy site for the number of products, while the commodity group buying site of 110.

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