Since June 1st the need to express the real name system package need to be tested by packaging

[TechWeb] News reported in May 31st, the State Post Bureau released the "express safety operation specification" as the national industry standard, implemented since June 1st, which stipulates that the parcel must produce valid documents such as ID card, one must express the real name, the package is must by courier inspection inspection.


from June 1st to express the need for real name system package to be tested through the packaging

"standard" clearly express enterprises should improve the production safety system, strengthen production safety training, control and management of the courier operations, for prohibited delivery of goods, express mail, courier companies should adhere to the "search stop" principle, namely in the express ring production section once found, should immediately stop operation of the parts, and dispose of according to laws and regulations and the relevant provisions on the prohibition of administrative department of postal delivery of goods, to ensure the delivery channel security.

in order to ensure the acceptance of safety, put forward the "norm", express acceptance, express clerk should be in accordance with the "provisions" express service national standards and relevant laws and regulations and the postal administrative departments, prompting the sender to send the goods to declare truthfully, and according to the contents of the declaration to send goods, packaging, packing etc. the real visual inspection, the courier companies have to express waybill information check. Orders, delivery clerk should inform the relevant requirements of the sender, the sender refuses to cooperate with the courier clerk should refuse to receive and send.

express company in the development of safety production management system, carry out the daily safety management and other activities, should give priority to the protection of the express clerk, users and public safety; in express operation, if the occurrence of security incidents, should ensure the safety of the people as the first to ask.

previously, our postal bureau of state policies and regulations relevant responsible person said that the establishment of the "safety operation specification" express is implementing the "embodiment" several opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of express industry, adhere to safety as the base, focusing on the construction of postal safety effective starting point, to lay a solid foundation for the security industry, improve the system safety production industry, the industry to enhance the level of safety supervision, and promote the healthy development of express industry.

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