The 360 mall Kai Chung Yeung Festival to promote intelligent products let you full of filial piety

"99 Chongyang, thick for love". It is a year Double Ninth Festival, on the occasion of the 360 mall on October 20-22, three days on the Double Ninth Festival promotion activities during a variety of intelligent hardware products have different degrees of concessions, it is the best choice of respecting and caring for the elderly.


said respecting and caring for the elderly, the elderly have to mention the travel security, with various media reports more and more elderly people lost the event, this social problem increasingly attracted people’s attention, how to ensure that the elderly travel safety, 360 children mall launched smart guard pendant edition is priced only 259 yuan during the event is a very good solution this problem.


this is a known as the elderly and children are suitable for anti lost artifact, its built-in four positioning technology, the distance error can be controlled within 10 meters. The equipment easy to wear, and has the nature of concealment, family can see the elderly through the mobile phone APP real-time monitoring the whereabouts, and can travel through the mobile phone set range of activities for the elderly, the elderly once out of range, they can alarm by mobile phone.


In addition to

, children’s guards watch, the biggest change in the overall structure of the equipment is off screen, only set up a SOS button, this is definitely a good news for there are some difficulties for the elderly in the operation of high-tech product. If the old man forgot to use the help button, the family can also through the real-time recording and monitoring to the old man around the sound, in order to determine the environment, and can communicate with the function of real-time voice, ask the position, to prevent lost accident.


in this event, in addition to 360 spot waiting outside the mall Beizu is in panic buying, to promote the activities of these three days held a series of preferential activities, whether it is a daily quota of 60 shopping to win free single opportunity, or by hand chop party with drying single win Hao Li, or cash straight down the concessions, is undoubtedly a 360 mall in the Double Ninth Festival on the occasion of caring for the elderly. As children if we want to in the festival for the elderly with a filial piety, then you must not miss the 360 Festival mall promotions, a lot of surprises.

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