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webmaster Encyclopedia: combined with a simple introduction to IT teahouse on the offline and offline how to achieve organic integration?

Wang Jialun: the Internet industry, combining online and offline we are trying, IT is the teahouse there’s just a chance, with a line of teahouse in the Tianfu Software Park support, although the scale is very small but significant. With the words of our tea house members of the Internet industry in Sichuan finally have a stronghold, but also a window to the outside world. After our regular meetings are held in the industry, in a fixed place familiar, have time to sit. Foreign friends to travel to Chengdu or talk about cooperation can go directly to the teahouse to find market opportunities for cooperation.

webmaster Encyclopedia: domestic blog rampant, the way to make money for the blog and what do you think of


Wang Jialun: now is the micro-blog era, blogging is less, but there are still many people to write a blog, gradually as an opinion leader in the field, so money is a natural thing, but a lot of people do not adhere to it, so many people think blogging does not make money.

webmaster Encyclopedia: you operate a number of e-commerce projects, you feel the electricity supplier success factors which


Wang Jialun: I mainly talk about the field of B2C, B2B industry website has been more mature, as long as the focus on the industry’s chances of success. At present, B2C was a vassal of the stage, as more and more B2C, but the overall market in the rapid growth of online shopping, do so as long as there are still many opportunities.

success factors, personal perspective. 1 to find a good quality and sufficient profit sources of access to multi-channel cost-effective flow of 3 good customer service awareness of the 4 perfect supply chain system 5 sufficient inventory.

webmaster Encyclopedia: can you please simply and we say do B2C operation ideas?

B2C Wang Jialun: success factors just provided is to I think the key points of caution here, most of the webmaster website are accustomed to the pursuit of high flow, trying to find the flow, but B2C should be the main concern of the conversion rate, 1000IP conversion rate of 10% sites with the 10000IP website conversion rate is the result of 1% the same. At the same time before the station website is mostly short-lived business, through a variety of ways introduced to the user, and then immediately click on our advertising lead him away, B2C is completely different, if attention to allow users to buy, let him next time to buy, and even let him take the initiative to tell his friends to buy something important here is the user experience and customer service.

webmaster Encyclopedia: for micro-blog boom, how to seize the opportunity to use electricity suppliers to micro-blog marketing?

Wang Jialun: micro-blog marketing will be a very important promotion channels in the future, I have a lot of friends in the depth of the study of micro-blog and also

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