Voice search film is fast glory box voice appointment to win Hao Li

December 12, 2015, the price of 228 yuan, the official release of the glory box voice, with the appearance of small fashion, convenient and powerful intelligent voice interaction, the glory box voice sparked widespread concern in the industry. In January 5, 2016, the glory box voice mall, Jingdong HUAWEI mall two business platform officially launched the first round of appointments, appointment as of January 13th, and will be on sale starting on January 14th 10:08. At the same time, Pro and WiFi through the glory glory routing treasure together with the release of voice two glory glory box wisdom Home Furnishing new products, has also been in the Jingdong and HUAWEI mall mall opened sync appointments, and two products on sale date were scheduled for 12 10:08 and 19 10:08.

as the glory of life wisdom of the latest products, this appointment, not only for users to make an appointment for the glory of "Ali to ah" voucher (limited number), also carefully set up an appointment raffle,. A month of waiting, the glory of the box voice finally arrived, with a compact and stylish appearance, convenient and powerful intelligent voice interaction capabilities, glory box voice will bring about a surprise for you as the consumer, so that we feel the voice search speed faster, more cool box TV viewing experience.


Thanksgiving consumers to participate in an appointment to win intimate ceremony

is a Swiss glory brand, to understand consumer thanksgiving. The glory of the wisdom of life in January 5th new products (10:08) – during the period of appointment (18:00) in January 18th, the glory of the box in the Jingdong mall voice carefully prepared 0 yuan appointment award campaign. All successful appointment users can enjoy lottery rights 3 times a day, have access to 6Plus, including the glory glory Pro, glory voice, routing box wall treasure, glory glory WiFi headset glory for all the luxury gift. In addition, all successful appointment glory box voice users, may be obtained free of charge provided by the "Ali ah" coupons, this gift vouchers can purchase tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, as for the direct cash. The vouchers are limited to 1000 copies, first come first served, you must seize the time, on the occasion of the Spring Festival home, don’t miss the glory for all the benefits of



at the same time, January 5th (10:00) – on January 13th (23:59) period, the glory of the box voice is also launched in the HUAWEI mall, a single book to enjoy the privilege of pumping awards event. All involved in 1 yuan to subscribe to the glory box voice users, you can enjoy the priority of the purchase of goods and orders to return goods 100%. Voice is scheduled to honor the box and on the 14 day of the successful payment of the tail of the user, but also to participate in the HUAWEI mall held >

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