How to open the shop to open Taobao shop steps

as the saying goes, "everything is hard in the beginning, as long as the first step, will have to do is to meet a string of problems, and then solve seriously recognize it. So the most important thing is to identify the project, clear what they want to do, what can be done, then simply and easily go out. Of course, if you can get expert advice in the entrepreneurial process, which will be a smooth sailing. So where to find such an easy money project? An expert in? Today I will recommend an accord with the two conditions of entrepreneurial projects — is the virtual recharge shop. Do not know can add my QQ381713669 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

I briefly like to introduce this project: virtual recharge shop project is dedicated to network entrepreneurs starting the project, the reason to emphasize "the start" two words, the main reason is that the Wangzhuan project investment is very low, is also very obvious advantages. Only need a computer, a network cable, three hundred yuan software agent fees, 500-1000 yuan mobile payment, a company’s own virtual recharge shop even built up.

there is no inventory, software comes with recharge channels, and mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, Tencent, Shanda and other operators directly linked to funding with the buckle, do not require pre stocking. No logistics, software automatic delivery, 1-5 minutes to account. Do not have to consider the credibility, the credibility of the zero can shop to make money, because buyers on the purchase of virtual products on the credibility of the demand is almost zero, as long as the bill can be timely, full arrival, quality problems do not exist. Although the requirements for virtual shop credibility is very low, but the shop itself is the same as the accumulation of credibility and physical products, as long as the volume, you can accumulate experience, a month on drilling, three months into the crown, belongs to the normal credit accumulation rate. With the credibility of money is not a matter of time?

come to talk about "expert advice" is going on. Due to the superior support agent mode is lower, so the agent gets 70% Commission in the promotion of sales during the software at the same time, also bear the duty of teaching and training 100% subordinate agents. As a subordinate agent, do not feel that they paid 300 yuan software agency fees, but was taken by the higher authorities of the software Commission of $230 to feel wronged, it requires a higher discount, return now, obviously this is not rational. For this 230 yuan is a large portion of the Shanghai jiebei company paid to the superior agent training service fee. He asked the superior agent must have a thorough understanding of the function is, can at any time for novice sellers in use to solve software, also called superior agent has certain Taobao shop, online sales and promotion experience, can provide guidance for the start of the shop, subordinate agency, subordinate agents help fast virtual recharge shop to make money fast.

as for now open shop in the end is not too late, I think there is no need to answer, because you see I answer the question of the time, Taobao has already had several ten novice in < >

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