Electricity suppliers competing to tap the community Taobao will give content production side 2 bill

Guan Jian

community attributes in the electronic business platform on the scene is constantly increasing, in the current trend of gradual decline in the flow of dividends, social and content operators are expected to become a growth momentum electricity supplier.

November 30th afternoon, Taobao announced in Beijing in 2016 strategy, one of the most striking is the concept of self brand. Before consumers heard of those born in the Taobao of the Amoy brand, and Taobao in explaining the difference that the Amoy brand was born in the PC era, at a low price explosion models, good at doing promotion through traffic operations; since the brand is a personal channel, a brand, it was born in the mobile terminal, to the seller after 90 groups, they are more love through the community, social operation of users and fans, provide personalized merchandise.

For example,

has recently been a fiery red net group, they do establish their own opinion leaders in the online display space, dress collocation, beauty skin care and other aspects of the experience, in order to gather a group of fans, selling to fans and users; another example to local production sold by home electricity supplier "agriculture two" to provide creative products and services of the designer, and intelligent hardware makers, are potential backbone of self brand.

in fact, over reliance on the flow of dividends has been so that the electricity supplier platform to see the future business growth of the ceiling, looking for new growth points are all looking for the direction of. If Amoy brand era is a commodity, since the brand is a way of life and attitude. In the online shopping demand more and more personalized era, electronic business platform needs this more to the center of the young merchants to meet the diversified demand for goods, rather than sticking to low-cost explosion models of thinking, this is the time to upgrade the electricity supplier.

in the excavation of the community properties, a number of cross-border electricity supplier platform was particularly prominent. As the two were born in Shanghai ocean pier and the little red book, the former main push C2C buyer mode for overseas buyers, through the display of foreign goods and fashion trends, blue ocean pier CEO once long ago to the "First Financial Daily" reporter revealed that next year will focus on investment in social attributes, to introduce the third party content platform; but the little red book is the B2C platform itself was born in the "Hongkong shopping guide" this sharing of experience App, the home show is the Master post, now little red book is trying to correspond to the UGC content in the shopping entrance mentioned goods and open platform.

is to pay attention to social cross-border electricity, to solve the problem of asymmetric information to consumers, will show more niche foreign popular goods to the user. Do the domestic business platform is the hope of the past simple online shopping into a user participation way of life. Like to start with a shopping guide to do electricity supplier mogujie.com, is good at this kind of content sharing. The beauty of the United States and Japan Cosme website, but also from the comment model into electricity supplier model. UGC content is the foundation of these sites.

currently, Taobao is trying to build a mobile phone content ecosystem, in addition to

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