The United States to adjust the structure of the organization to strengthen the field of e commerce

Chinese home appliance retail leader Gome recently frequent moves. In 2011, after the successful launch of the industry’s highest version of the ERP system in November, after the completion of the layout of the information infrastructure, the United States after a comprehensive organizational development plan, the recent implementation of the new organization. It is understood that the basic design method of the United States organization is to establish the brand and strategic planning as a leader, procurement, sales and other business system division system as the core, to support the IT system of information technology, logistics, customer service, finance, human resources as the matrix organization service platform.

three changes attract eyeball

from the understanding of the organizational structure adjustment information, you can see the most significant changes in three aspects: first, the consumer experience oriented, emphasis on operations. In order to better and more accurate service to consumers, the United States and the United States to strengthen the organizational structure of the operating system functions and resource allocation; two, in order to focus on the integration of supply chain, strengthen the sales. The adjustment of organizational structure, the United States will interact with business units and suppliers, and suppliers in the platform to realize information sharing collaborative new ERP system construction, so as to achieve zero for the seamless, according to market demand procurement, manufacturing products, strengthen the cooperative marketing new mode; three, to strengthen the future growth engine as the goal the creation of a new business unit. The United States adjust the structure of the full consideration of the new business growth of electronic commerce, logistics, customer service and other services were strengthened, from the rapid growth of the protection of these future business organization, which can make consumers enjoy higher quality consumer experience in the United states.

is responsible for the opening of a new office

in senior management appointments, in addition to President Wang Junzhou, Fang Wei Ren Gome’s chief financial officer, senior vice president of many Weiqiu as the personnel administration system, senior vice president Li Juntao served as the director of the operating system, senior vice president Mou Guixian served as the director of information and logistics of the United States serves as the general manager of On-Line Company, Zou Xiaochun, senior the vice president of Gome, head of legal and logistics base development etc.. He Yangqing is responsible for the customer service, store operations and vice president of the scope of the cause of the president, in charge of the history of sales, pricing and vice president of the Department store.

in the headquarters of the United States commodity procurement and sales system, general manager of Hua Yuan North District was transferred to the senior vice president Su Xianhua headquarters director of marketing business, the former general manager of North East District of Mao Xiaojun in charge of the Ministry of communications, computer / digital division vice president, former Beijing electric general manager Shang Mingquan as vice president in charge of TV division, white division, former general manager of Beijing United States Song Linlin as vice president in charge of kitchen division, small appliances division. Other senior executives are also important in the field of appointment, some of the senior management positions also implemented the headquarters of the exchange, in order to cultivate and develop talent.

the United States this time a large number of new talent is responsible for important posts, but also the industry attention. According to the person in charge of human resources in the United States, the organization adjustment of human resources allocation, real

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