The entrepreneur said the wind in winter with that electric business suffered financing off season p

at the end of last year to enter the e-commerce industry entrepreneurs have to face some embarrassing situation, many of them took the angel investment, set up preliminary business model, is preparing to go to a first round of financial investment, but found that investors did not imagine that enthusiasm. These entrepreneurs, including Liu Peng from mature Internet Co white-collar workers, including many from, want to Amoy crown class seller, and if misfortune is a member of the 4678 group purchase website, will directly feel the "cold winter" pumianerlai.

financing becomes cold, entrepreneurs must refrain from laughing at

at the beginning of this year, the new wave of Chinese stocks listed in the United States is surging, waiting for the United States listed companies can be arranged into a form of Zhang Changchang. But the capital market is changing rapidly, and now, on the form of a number of companies have extended the listing time.

Internet analyst Xu just cited data in his micro-blog said this year, as of July 22 a total of 15 China companies listed in the United States, the amount of financing more than $2 billion. May reached its peak in July fell to the bottom, only 1 listed, financing only $30 million, a record low for the year.

so it was said that the financing of the "winter" came. Jingwei venture has always been outspoken and Zhang Ying wrote in his micro-blog: American China Internet Corporation listed the sale of

recently gone!

thunder, Shanda literature, Tudou, kaixin…… Waiting for the listing they are now regarded as a signal of China’s Internet industry financing. In particular, thunder, it has been delayed several times listed.

affected by the stock market also includes joint venture capital market early, renowned investor Wang Chaoyong said in an interview with this reporter, "for not melt into the capital of the electricity supplier, now really should put value down, if not adjusted now is difficult to melt into the capital, venture capital has now not be given half a year ago or even three a month ago valuations."

but this argument makes many entrepreneurs angry. "Only got the money that others can not get money." A clothing business founder told reporters complained, "venture capital, they use" winter "to keep the prices down." However, the complaint from the side confirmed the financing of start-up Internet Co has begun to freeze.

had more influence the prosperity of the business by more in the most popular group purchase, several of the top websites is to "change", they said to find enough money to survive the operation of "winter"; in the field of electronic commerce is also popular, do not venture capital background investigation "spread chaos" such a good thing no money, no longer blindly copy "VANCL", even "dagankuaishang luxury site" in transition; in the hot field of mobile Internet, the valuation is also return to reason, after all, the new mobile Internet when they didn’t earn money.

"is not a true investor"

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