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NetEase Francisco April 8th news, today, the United States online joint Dongyirisheng, Lily network conference held in Beijing, officially launched the first 3D online business platform, Gome Home decoration Home Furnishing. As long as users log on the United States and the United States home site, you can experience the 3D virtual decoration, while enjoying the whole renovation of the procurement of integrated services.

is reported that the United States will be the first batch of business will cover Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and other 10 cities, by the end of 2015 will be extended to the country’s 50 cities. At the same time, partners Lily network will be on the line, the United States home channel, around the United States hosted a series of online and offline thematic activities, personalized recommendation to members.

online Gome chairman Mou Guixian said that the current Jiezhuang market size 4 trillion, even higher than the home appliance industry, which involves thousands of households, is a rigid demand. For ordinary users, the traditional home improvement is a time-consuming, money, energy consumption process. Users in the decoration process, often encounter some troubles, such as building materials, construction and a continuous, Jerry price Dikaigaozou, without time prolonged, demanding, grilled skin can not find the optimal design, the decoration after the discovery and the expected results do not match, add more dissatisfaction. The launch of the United States and the United States, both the United States and its own business development needs, but also to solve the above user home improvement points provide a new solution.

it is understood that the biggest advantage of Gome Home solutions platform new transit network exclusive cooperation with industry leading 3D Home Furnishing, virtual home experience using 3D technology, allowing users to predict their future home: the user can according to the actual situation of their own online selection room, Fangxing, household type, click "start" will immediately 3D modeling their own generation. If you do not meet the requirements of the unit, the user can also choose to upload their own real map, 3-7 days can get free 3D modeling, their home to move to the line. Subsequently, the user can be home, home improvement, home appliances and other virtual goods into my home 3D, according to their own preferences and ideas, at home furnishings to be displayed with a matching, adjust the size of the style. Period, the user can choose at any time panoramic view, view and stroll every corner of their future home. "


of this technology in China is still the first to solve the problem, the traditional home appliances furniture experience, will also lead to part of the decoration, finally realizes the construction effect and design highly consistent, complete simulation does not take shape." Mou Guixian said.

According to reports, the beginning of 2015, the United States online chairman Mou Guixian proposed 1+5 strategy to build a large circle of life goals, the United States is around the core of the 1 user experience upgrade one of the top 5 breakthroughs. The United States and the United States on the basis of family infrastructure, support for sustainable user purchase, the United States is an important layout of online 2015.

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