Get a lot of traffic from the Shanghai love the home page and the inside pages of double

1, frequently updated information within the page;

2, page code and keyword optimization;

second, the optimization of

first we said the chain, and not let you go sending spam links, but there is a correlation to the chain, the chain in the right high on the site. Why can the website will give you a chain? Links is certainly not, unless you have a relationship or RMB. This is a principle of reciprocity, so small sites to let website links it to the website to provide information content. A few days later, everywhere was reproduced in the Baidu spider ah, noble baby spiders ah, around your site climbed on, because there are your links.


website page actually do this, too, to improve the page weight at the same time it has increased the weight of the inside pages, the specific processing method besides the inside pages now:

today is March 12th arbor day, a good mood will write a summary of recent Shanghai Longfeng method for everyone to share, Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to get traffic, we all know that want to get a lot of traffic from the Shanghai love, must have a high enough weight, whether the home page or inside pages, then how to get the weight from the home page and the inside pages Shanghai love? Love Shanghai weight you only need four words: Chain + original, that is simple but hard to do

3, the code requires clean, standardized! Will be the site of the navigation, and so on with the title, let spiders crawl the web page format is important, appropriate to the use of some series, there will be some help.

3, to newspaper reporters think. In front of the most important information as a starting point, continue to emphasize the important concept in the whole article, and finally through a strong summary as the end.

first, collection and update

1, did not establish a long text ", should be appropriate to use pages to display, no one wants to read a novel content that would make the eyes tired.

is to increase the weight of the inside pages, the method is very simple, only need some simple techniques can do.



4, think like a direct marketing staff has been. How about writing content can keep visitors, use language charm and hold most of the people, to provide a strong sense of urgency for action.

2, the writing is changeable, the search is likely to use different combinations of words or different word order.

original, the original is not difficult. As long as you put your mouth words written must be original, what they think about what. He has no one to see, he is better than you write an article collected ten articles, which spent time and energy is almost the same, so it is used to change its type in a few words, a few times Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.

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