Keywords of love Shanghai index is not high conversion rate

new Adsense choose long tail keywords, how to better choose the high conversion rate of long tail keywords "key", this is the focus of this article. How to better choice, most of the new Adsense, first response selection index keyword, will choose love Shanghai index keywords, when you really do love Shanghai home, whether you really bring more efficiency, whether the site to bring profit? In Shanghai Longfeng food brother (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) here a simple analysis.

, and then check the "love Shanghai index what the most effective weight loss products" you see is not the index. From the point of view of "long tail keywords, what kind of diet products have the effect most" relatively "the most effective weight-loss product" the long tail keywords, some more heated door. "What kind of diet products have the effect most" this keyword more in line with consumer psychology.

the data provided by the website of cool love. And this kind of keywords is a conversion rate, so as to lose weight which is super hot word, not "lose weight" this word to bring you profit. Choose high conversion keywords or long tail keywords is very fast to bring results, such as customer search search is not to lose weight, lose weight of these two words, want to search for people who lose weight, some two people, understand the way to lose weight, want to buy slimming products, such as the difference between the flow, if you search for "what kind of weight loss" this is the most effective products directly to the consumer psychology. This is a page to choose what keywords, to understand consumer psychology.


so that everyone in the choice of keywords, first consider the problems of resources and the environment itself, its resources can be more powerful than your competitors, then choose good keywords, this will be a better positioning the direction of the website. So that the option is not only popular keyword index, also said the index is not high conversion keyword. I am here to share food Shanghai dragon brother second articles, the first article is "do the chain to do website ranking".

read this article friends, please open the love Shanghai search for "the most effective weight-loss products" will be found, do the bidding promotion is four, then to check the "love Shanghai index is the most effective weight-loss product" between 200 to 300 floating index. This is a general popular keyword. From this point you can understand the words can be consumer psychology. Then we continue the search keywords love Shanghai "what kind of weight loss products has the best effect, you will see

For more than six

three months ago I had a weight loss website, less than two months, ranking second pages, I think we all know it is very difficult to lose weight ranking, is also very popular.


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