Liu Caiyun the site outside the chain you use what kind of strategy

in the sector, because the free blog right down, more and more people will give up free blog for the connection of resources. Some of the blog function is small, but when you have hundreds of thousands of blogs, they can become a powerful resource. We can love space, such as Shanghai bokee贵族宝贝 Blog, sina Blog, Blog Blog, Sohu NetEase and personal independence Blog, between the stations are one-way connected to form a closed chain, and all sites to host, to master SERP.

love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Shanghai Post Bar and other related products for Taobao has been blocked off the connection state of using too much love Shanghai related products website will also take certain measures. So far, for micro-blog’s Web site is very good. If we take the URL of the website or Taobao customer connection on micro-blog, in Shanghai or Shanghai to love Post Bar love know left micro-blog address, to attract the spider to micro-blog, the current test, love Shanghai micro-blog speed are included in a few minutes, then it is for us the website is not a good links to


found in a recent period of time in the test, when in the blog to join the site connection external connections, free blog will be included in search engines, but not immediately put out, but wait about half a month out. Secondly, when a free blog has access to a certain amount, may be the risk of being blocked, how do we avoid titles? With the Sina customer service communication to users in the application using Sina’s Web services, must provide accurate personal information to Sina, such as personal data any change must be updated in a timely manner. But Sina is not registered for each blog will check the personal information is true and accurate. But when a >

and micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng Sohu Keywords direct purpose is to let the free blog sprocket

is currently in the Tencent, micro-blog, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog several major Sohu, can be fast search engine included is the Sohu micro-blog, micro-blog and Sina Tencent will authenticate users of micro-blog to be included in the search engine. Want to use a lot of micro-blog account and trapped certification friends, Sohu, micro-blog is a good choice.

Shanghai dragon corresponds to the target site in search engines have a good rankings. Website optimization ranking, website optimization is the foundation, the construction is the key chain. When optimizing the internal sites to be on a par with that ranking, the chain quantity and quality of the fight. Increase the site outside the chain there are many. Such as the 1. exchange Links chain 2. web site directory chain 3. network bookmarks chain 4. blog space chain 5. encyclopedia editors chain 6. quiz website chain 7. forum 8. chain chain 9.RSS message board submitted to the site chain. Today I mainly talk about their recent common two methods.

: the first combination of


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