How to analyze the web log

view the site log file


analysis of small web site log

also know the common HTTP status code:

loveSearch: 360Spider

website has been more normal circumstances, suddenly starting from that day began to decline or stop new collection included, this time can be observed change of search engine spiders crawl amount through the contrast analysis, if the log does not change significantly, it also can be the search engine of the database or display problems.


404 represents the capture this link is wrong

3, the site was K

can open the web log files through Notepad or other software to view, also recommended the use of water free log analysis analysis software to help make it easier to view and analyze log files.

content to crawl

website search engine submission entrance or release the chain to attract the search engine spiders, can come to know through the spider web log in the observation site is now being crawled, Google included the speed is so fast, love Shanghai is currently the home on the collection rate has greatly improved, usually one to three days will be included, if your site for a week to a month or longer is not included so there may be a problem, this time you can analyze the log view there is no spider crawl, so as to analyze the result.

How to analyze the web log Shanghai: baiduspider

2, the website included changes in

web server log file is usually at the end of the log file, so another version called the log log, web log contains the server receives detailed data and handle all the information requested, for site management, web log is a detailed history database. Through it, you can better understand your website.

we need to first understand the main search engine spiders name

1, the line on the website

: sogouspider

we mainly used to view the site log analysis of search engine behavior before:

if the site was found.


Web log is generally placed in the host containing the words log root directory folder, can download log log to the local site was analyzed by using FTP tools.

search: sosospider

304 represents no change in

Google: noble baby bot

200 represents the normal grab

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