Liu Jinge to cook in the process of Shanghai dragon lore

third may order and the order of the website when cooking is not too different, but the principle is the same. Why is the same principle? Because we have usually been the dish we give food a good name, so that good food will definitely love is good with people. The site may not be the same, we must first set the title, keywords, description of the website. We all know that for a website if a good title, the website ranking will also have a very important role.

Methods after

first pot before cooking, with what kind of fire and so on. This is like in our website prior to use what kind of domain name, where space. Whether we buy space or service, or to our own server. Because of this the choice of food taste color has certain effect. But for the website, we choose a good server of the website will have a good experience. The next step is to choose the cooking materials. That is the choice of what kind of program on the website. This is also very important.

in our life, as long as you pay attention will be learned. Otherwise, how will the ancients summed up the words "always pay attention to all knowledge". In fact, I’m cooking in the process of error of a reason, Shanghai dragon just like cooking, although different materials, but their principle is the same. The optimization of the word I have a new explanation for optimization is the quality of the website to resolve doubts in the hearts of people. Then I will give you a specific talk about my understanding of learning to see.

Must prepare materials such as selecting the kind of


we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, will have such a feeling: is Shanghai dragon after all is said and done all those things that do not have what idea. The innovation of this thing is to rely on our people to think of it, we can the new wine in old bottles, it will have a different feeling, when you look at me to the title may have a curious feeling, which is related to cooking you will feel and how will the Shanghai dragon. I was not kidding you. I am not cheat you mean, and this knowledge I think you will understand after listening to.

fourth here I started cooking, cooking process and ultimately, something that is the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar. However, here is the website of the daily necessaries chain and chain problem. For a dish if you have little things, I think it is really flat and uninteresting. The website without these things, I think the website will also be without much effect. Although the daily necessaries as the chain and chain that.

secondly selected materials we should choose the cook. We are carving, or are we or fried or boiled or steamed. The website is the website design, which is our design industry or enterprise station station or gateway station. Because we only choose the right method to make a good dish. And this is our website prior to some ideas ready.

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