On 2014 Call Tracking call tracking four forecast

Call tracking is a nearly 1 billion dollar industry. Call tracking is mainly through online marketing activities and advertising, to keep track of what keywords are generated call. Most users are advertisers, agencies and publishers, they want to know can be a valuable market budget is spent on what. In short: they want to know what the market share will have a phone, which will not produce.

first, this may mean that marketers have rarely used phone tracking. Google may not be extended to dynamic digital insertion (DNI), which is the most online marketers use the method call tracking data. This is likely to be Google’s products will maintain a focus on mobile mobile phone.

marketing personnel have become increasingly demanding, also requires more data. So in 2014, some call tracking solutions, providing the first.

so, what does this mean?

Call tracking SEM is a part of the world’s indispensable, but 2013 is a watershed call tracking industry, many marketers do not know what will happen in 2014.


call tracking just tracking when the phone number is displayed on your mobile phone and call the beginning of the bill. It does not reach a tracking: business is the telephone call, regardless of whether or not to ask the sales.

forecast 2 – advanced analytical solutions will become increasingly popular.

second, if the marketing personnel only need the original digital phone, call tracking Google may be good for their use. LogMyCalls and our partners have carried out extensive case studies show that Google call tracking accuracy is terrible.

forecast 1 – Google will at some point to expand their call tracking products

basic call tracking just won’t cut it. The marketing personnel required to get more data from the phone. They want to get as much as possible from the telephone analysis dashboard and their use in network analysis tool data. Imagine, for example, if a web site analysis tools provide only primitive access and reference source? It will be a very qualified network analysis tools. However, it is able to provide basic regular telephone follow-up.

they have a certain number of call tracking advertising and advertisements, because they want to have greater development. This has been written about the SEJ.

in short: Google’s data shows only the "caller" and not related to whether the business. In our case, by studying their phone call tracking display, almost 40% is never reached business. The caller even in the mobile phone rang before you hang up the phone. However, if there is a call tracking people are using Google, they will never know.

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