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I think, first of all, the goal should be clear, you want to do this station, you want to serve the crowd is what, you want to serve the target locked, you will know what you want to provide is what kind of service, this is the first point. The second point is to do this type of station, because now the search engine is very convenient, you must do this type of website to search how many of these people, he is how to do, what are the advantages, shortcomings, and then you to correct it. With these two points, other technical aspects and procedural aspects can be solved step by step.

secondly, we should give you some suggestions on how to make the traffic bigger. In fact, there are several points in the beginning, starting with free. The first point is as much as possible and other website links as for how to do my own, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot their tasted is the most clear, these links to bring traffic even if only two of the three, will Many a little make a mickle. The second point is the search engine optimization, because you have enough site links, search engine optimization is also helpful. The third point is that I think it’s resource swap, which goes further than links and creates a channel for each other. These are free ways. If you are doing a personal blog, we must find ways to link with KESO, not only with traffic, but also with the PR value, but also with the brand. These three points are the best way to get free.

this word is used in the Internet so we do. I described here is a "he" story. At the end of 2008 for some reason he dropped out of school, but on the way to work he does not have adult Ganping mediocre mediocre, but what to make money. In the school when he heard someone to create the Internet new legend appears frequently, although they may not be able to become one of them, but the opportunity to make money on the Internet a lot, the total should be able to find something suitable for their own. So he often see some global network how to make money on the Internet, I come to know that one of their own website can make money, know the good website to make money must be optimized SEO, know the website called the webmaster, the owners are often called a station network admin5 the website to learn about site construction and operation of knowledge.

finally, when you’re big enough, you’ll have a good income, and you’ll have to spend some money to promote it.

09 years in April, he saw a frequent guest at the word "Taobao Adsense nets". To understand the "Taobao guest" refers to help Taobao sellers who earn commissions promote commodities. So he immediately registered a plan to try. But what should sell the product, in the webmaster group there is a class of people told him to lose weight and cosmetics goods more commission. What should you do next? Slimming drugs and cosmetics Commission so high other people are doing. He tried to lose weight in the sh419 search some related words for example: list of weight-loss drug, diet pills and what kind of effect is good, how to lose weight fast, searched several times after he found that no matter which word search row in front of a few websites. Point into a look is "Taobao" in the forum posts by adding their own code to promote products. He thought that the forum website weight is relatively high, so everyone in this article several forums. Others can do it, you can use the same method to do. He also in the forum for a number of accounts in accordance with the peer style, did not expect a few naive effect. He is always in the sh419 search for some popular words to observe how you do. He found a self-help website system website announced, not here is to avoid suspicion advertising is two this site has been sh419 K only 3 pages weight weight even higher than before the forum. He bought several accounts to start Taobao, but some articles after he found that his hair is not in sh419 good position, because there have been colleagues at this site had the same article. How should I do? He has a brainwave, everyone in the Taobao customer word that I use to other small > competition

"the Bible" that said, there are three things you can’t catch back: one is to say; two is the arrow; three is a lost opportunity. So, those lazy people always complain that life is no fun, even a good opportunity, but also does not touch on. In fact, a precious opportunity from them through the white, only lazy people are focusing on the complaint.

I think, although this is a platitude, but our individual webmaster also only continue to implement this policy method, can pass this financial crisis year, earn milk powder money. From kongfang Wangzhuan forum zjlyol.org.cn/viewthread.php tid=117& extra=page%3D1

time has come to the financial crisis 2009…… Many webmaster still in the profit and loss of lost contact again, really do not eat nor sleep well, so our personal webmaster what direction of development, to which the development of the industry? We go to the new year a simple discussion about the problem, than actually for the stationmaster of a lot of people this is a big problem about our livelihood the.

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