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April 15, 2016, Shanghai will share the love search and love the night of Shanghai successfully held in Xiamen. The meeting, Shanghai love said mobile search volume continues the trend of rapid growth in 2013 and 2014, and in 2015 the mobile search on export volume increased by 50%, the mobile site for Shanghai traffic surge from love. As can be seen from the direction of a mobile website is a prerequisite to get traffic from the love of Shanghai.




in the mobile site friendly, love Shanghai search also made a lot of effort, the mobile web friendly degree mean increased from 85% to 95%, the starting point behind these changes is to consider from the end user’s experience. In the mobile search in the scene, because the screen is smaller, the user needs to experience better. Love Shanghai also believes that the user in the search process to gain a full immersion to meet the search experience in the mobile terminal.

love in 2016 Shanghai will use mobile and PC search results ranking restructuring, further enhance the mobile page importance. Love Shanghai in the mobile search ranking will be more attention to the mobile page content.

in the era of mobile search, some owners may complain that I do a mobile station, love Shanghai included not in time, sort the problem, don’t worry, these will be solved in a short time! Love Shanghai mobile search in 2016 in the mobile ecosystem focus on force, speed up the railway station, do some mechanism optimization of the order. In addition, more open to the site in the standard reference standard in addition to mobile friendly standards will also increase, and on the owners of resources, accelerate the progress of background processing, let the site can be put together and love Shanghai mobile search ecological do better.

: how to choose the webmaster

‘H5 vs APP’

as the site traffic acquisition in order to better love Shanghai? The first is from the internal start, the first is to enhance the visibility of the page: page readability with access and load have a great relationship, including: the function meets the needs of users, the text is not clear, effective, resources are not able to let users convenient access to resources, whether the function can interact with users, users access to the relevant service quality whether the quality are paid more attention to the point of love Shanghai. The specific reference love Shanghai Webmaster Platform on webmaster tools in mobile friendly detection tools and webmaster in the college Mobile Friendly1.0 standard, according to the detection results of these tools and mobile friendly standard adjustment page, enhance the readability.

‘mobile ecosystem, love Shanghai mobile search traffic how to distribute the

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