Love Shanghai original spark program boot priority show original content and add original logo

in addition, search a name of the author through the love of Shanghai, the search results in the first appeared in a comprehensive display of encyclopedic information author’s name card, including the author introduction, personal pictures and other core content, the author of recent original articles.

August 12th, Shanghai love spark plan has been quietly on the line, let the Shijiazhuang website construction company should attach great importance to the original article and on a new level. The original article was once again recognized Shanghai love weight. I believe that in the near future, the weight of the original content of the promotion in the engine will have all Chinese search reform to turn the world upside down. In Shanghai love search results, with a special logo on the sea through the search results, and the Internet show the original content in the forefront of the search engine, so as to help users now have easy access to the original content value, the website traffic into the original content page, in order to protect the network original content and copyright culture.

Shijiazhuang website construction has always attached great importance to the original article released, because the regular website promotion by sustained value up to the original article. Our data confirm that the original article is not included in the sea with firm, may today included and rankings over time even the ranking disappeared, a few days can not see this page.


love Shanghai original spark program started on the information acquisition, reprint, the mirror is undoubtedly a great blow. For example, in Shanghai love search "slogan is aphrodisiac" country foot found the news headlines, and key words associated with the highest Phoenix sports exclusive original comment has been pushed to the top of the search results, the second is the love of the Shanghai library, third fourth is also the original content ifeng贵族宝贝, and add was the "original" standard. With the news at the same time also included to show the author name, release media and publication time. But from the time of issue and love Shanghai time snapshot of the original content will usually be a good day to crawl and ranking. From this obvious "original" standard resolution let us clear original website.

as everyone knows, the search engine spiders are always all kinds of information collected on the Internet, including both original content reproduced or copy the contents. Before the love Shanghai original spark program launched, the user search keywords, the search results show the highest correlation degree is preferred, valuable and authoritative and by people for praise or chain into the web page or site is original but did not do a very good judgment. This result was caused by the reprint side can often gain more than traffic into the original party, and then get more brand show and income, but largely undermined the original interests and reputation. Although the picture watermark or copyright identification can play some role in security. But a netizen rarely by the copyright information is traced, the original website information, not to mention a lot of reproduced don’t reprint copyright information or unauthorized modification.

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